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*insert witty rhetoric here*

Hello! I'm Keisotsu (obviously, aha) and as of today, you'll be seeing my merry, little self out and about both the forum and the game, itself... Once it downloads, I hope to go in-game and (pray excuse my movie reference...) totally kick *insert crude terminology for one's posterior end here*. Currently, this will be only my second MMO since returning to online gaming (the other being FFXIV). I'd count Jade Dynasty but that, much like my childhood innocence, met a premature end (or rather, it should, as you're lucky to be able to find thirty players, spread out over various servers). I couldn't download and play the Zhu Xian in its original form for obvious reasons... So, here I am. I've seen this game out and about for a while now and after watching YouTube video after YouTube video, I decided to bite the bullet and give it a try. To be quite honest, while I am quite familiar with MMOs, as this is my first time playing the game, I'll probably be running around like a chicken without a head while I familiarize myself with everything... Please don't put me out of my misery just yet.

I already know the server I'll be joining, for the simple reason I feel like I need the "relaxing" atmosphere... At least, until I get used to the game and its various mechanics. If you've read a certain guide like I have, you'll know what server I'm referring to. If not, go read the guide and come back, so you don't miss anything. On that note, I could certainly use in-game friends and people to help me along. Because gaming is a form of escapism, I'll need nothing but good vibes coming from you lovely bunch of coconuts. When I'm not in-game, I'm either on a forum somewhere on Jcink, doing my thing... Or, I'm on my 3DS, playing another kind of game. If you want my 3DS friend code, it's... Just kidding. Even though you couldn't find out much about me, I'm sort of paranoid about giving out personal information. Why? Idk, might have something to do with a certain person from Denmark, who couldn't leave well enough alone. While he is long gone, admittedly, me changing aliases has become a sort of habit so unless you add me on Skype or Discord, you'll probably never know my real name or what I look like and while neither thing is particularly impressive, I'm proud of both... Sort of... Just not to the point of arrogance.

Self-confidence is healthy in small doses, nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent, blahblahblah. My sense of humor is self-deprecating at best and I absolutely abhor the overly liberal use of some terms. Two words, in particular, really grind my gears... Those words are: triggered & offended. I understand if you have PTSD or if something is really, really offensive but to use it for the hell of it? Nah, can't deal with that mess. It'll get me to rage faster than any PK in the middle of a quest. Speaking of PKs, I don't do PVP because I never quite got the hang of it.

More or less, I'm around to make friends and enjoy myself. I couldn't care less about who wins the whizzing contest. More power to those that know their way around and actually win said whizzing contest. Even when targeted by a PKer, I'm not the sort to pick up arms because, chances are, if they're one-shotting new kids, I don't stand a chance. I'm not politically correct whatsoever but I try to be, in the very least, polite and approachable. I'm speaking as a frustrated person and the following is an example of what I mean. I was told by my psychiatrist that I have Asperger syndrome and that because it's no longer an accepted diagnosis, I was considered high-functioning [filtered] and here's the kicker: when I explained that to someone, I was promptly told that "high-functioning [filtered] isn't politically correct and that I shouldn't call myself that" but... If it's the term in the medical textbook, what else am I supposed to call it?

Anyways, if you try to start something, I'm not going to engage or give you the time of day. In fact, it's pretty likely that I'll blacklist you because I come online to escape the drama of real life, not to immerse myself in whatever childish schemes someone's concocted. On that particular note, if you're going to say something negative, please say it somewhere that's not my thread because, again, I have no qualms with blacklisting people. The damage might already be done, to a point, but that doesn't mean I have to put up with you all the time, if at all. If you've gotten this far, I applaud you and if not, you missed out on a sterling opportunity. Anyways, in closing, I could really, really, really use some friends... And who doesn't wanna make the to-be birthday girl happy?... And for those of you that caught onto that last bit, my birthday's tomorrow (May 22nd) and I'll be twenty-three. o:)

TL;DR New player seeking friends, possibly going to be on the roleplay server.


  • If you join the RP server HMU, I'd be happy to help you get started properly :3
  • SaphirKanzakiSaphirKanzaki ✭✭✭✭
    Wow, you can talk a lot. I'll keep an eye out for someone on CH global who talks a lot B)
    Unfortunately, I'm not playing enough to keep you company, but you sound fun ;)
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