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Favorite Quotes from TERA?



  • Can't believe no one said the best Popori line: "don't skip any meals!"
  • gibgib ✭✭✭
    "your face is strange, is it always like that?"
  • EsteriEsteri ✭✭
    Many of Elleon's bits but, they were already mentioned so have this:

    Elleon Kubel, Cultist's Refuge:
    "Bah! Enough ruminating. Someone owes us a great number of drinks!"
  • "sometimes i get distracted by mirrors"
  • "You a customer, or a victim?"

    "This isn't my first rodeo"

    When you res in town and you go heal at the popori priest:

    "Don't take it personally."

    "That mouth of yours looks good, when its closed."

  • FlorettaSoupFlorettaSoup ✭✭
    edited May 2017
    The best one is and will always be "donskibbady meels" (aka "don't skip any meals").
    Popos <3
  • StevenAnthonyStevenAnthony ✭✭✭✭
    The best one is and will always be "donskibbady meels" (aka "don't skip any meals").
    Popos <3

    is strange, im always figure they said " Dont skipk any deals " O.o
  • I always laugh when a popori says: "You can't prove anything" or "Nobody saw me do it"
  • ItzMiraiItzMirai Portugal ✭✭✭
    Tera has some great ones but this will forever crack me up

  • There used to be some male castanics that said something like: "I have a big... attitude" or something like that.
  • For the federation
  • 2 from poori......
  • Some castanic males:

    "I got distracted by mirrors....... See why ?" Always gets me.
  • This one, from a Poro NPC in the Deathfrost Plains, in an unmarked camp:
    Would you like to make some money? I have a very special proposition for... oh wait, you seem to be just a bit taller than I was hoping.
    Never mind.

    I'm a -3 Elin. What does this guy want, a toddler?
  • "Don't Skip Any Meals~!"
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