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Valkyrie Level Box

I just came back yesterday and wanted to play the Valkyrie. I started looking at the costumes for this class and one of them stood out to me as the best for the class and its the "Chooser of the Slain" armor.
so, went to go find it and long story short this seems to have been exclusive to a level box the gave new Valks in April.

so am I SOL? if so, bad move bluehole..


  • yeah but you had a whole month to get to level 2 to get the box so i mean you're just out of luck
  • ya thats true if you happened to have been aware that the promotion was going on, oh well. hate missing something like that so i'm gonna bail before i get too involved in it again
  • If you're not playing the game (or at least checking the forums) you wouldn't have heard about this promotion, or future ones at that.

    Too bad that made you not want to play. See you next class.
  • iNjzaiNjza ✭✭
    Dont they re-release the armor sometime in the future?

    i would pay for it..
  • SaphirKanzakiSaphirKanzaki ✭✭✭✭
    You might not be aware of this but this is how the world works. Everyone is offering "limited editions" or whatever and trying to keep things rare.

    You might want to play Tera for a while and after you met the 40th Valkyrie with this costume, you might not want to have it anymore. This also is a part of the psychology behind this.

    As this was a free permanent gift, chances are good that there could be a very similar costume in the future. If we look at the different free permanent gifts that came with the release of each class (e.g. reaper loli dress, Brawler Moon mount or weapons), you should wait a bit.
  • It's not the exact same version, but you can get that armor model from fashion tickets. Or the broker. They're the _ Valkyrie Finery ones. Crimson actually looks nice
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