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First time ever on Tera

Hi, this is my first time ever that i am gonna play this game, first at all i am sorry for my poor english, i am a spanish person, so i hope you can understand me, i am downloading the game and i want to know people like me, startes for play together in missions, etc.


  • iNjzaiNjza ✭✭
    TimeZone GMT + 8?

    add me as Jzana - Tempest Reach

    make sure to use a buddy code before you are level 10.
  • You re from Spain? If u are, maybe u want to join into Gameforge servers instad of Enmasse, for the ping.
    EU servers are located in Germany. Your game experience will be maybe better there, than suffers with 200+ ping here where servers are in Chicago (Usa).

    Anyways, if u decide to come here, welcome! If u start on Fey Forest server, let me know... I know some spanish speaking guilds very friendly with newcomers
  • SaphirKanzakiSaphirKanzaki ✭✭✭✭
    A lot of europeans are playing on the US servers as the ping is not the only decisive factor. Apparently many people from the EU prefer playing with a higher ping than playing under Gameforge.

    Tera is quite complex and the best you could do is find a nice guild to help you get started.
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