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Patience with newer/ unskilled players

I've been playing the game now for a short while and have decided to quit the game. It's not that i don't enjoy playing -- the issue is with players when i am trying to learn a new dungeon. yes I look at videos, dungeon explanations etc. before trying it. the issue for me is that there is usually not adequate information available. Some of the dungeons are newer and don't have the information available which is understandable. Other videos, guides etc. are outdated and probably for a previous version of the game. some videos don't have any explanation on what is happening and what to watch out for which makes their value rather limited. Some videos are very well done with excellent commentary and/or captioning but are designed for another class. yes I learn something from them but not a lot about my class. When I enter a dungeon I usually explain that I'm new. Still I get negative comments at times. I don't have a problem with them if its done in a positive constructive fashion. In fact at the end (if I didn't get kicked--- or if the group dies and the group disbands) i usually ask for and encourage positive feedback and suggestions. I know I'm not entirely to blame for a group's failure but I certainly accept my share of the blame. Believe me -- I am quite aware when I am not performing well. I suspect that if all the other players were experienced, well geared and played to near perfection my short coming could probably be overcome without the group dying. But others make mistakes too-- the only difference is that as a new player I make more. Anew player is often undergeared and dies easily which automatically makes the dungeon more difficult that an elite player would experience. We don't know the mechanics and are learning what signs to watch form to avoid dying. Being harshly criticized is not enjoyable and does not encourage me to want to remain in the game. I've had several other players that I've helped who were less experience than I in some of the dungeons say the same. The result is that people quit. And when numerous players quit the population drops and the wait time is longer to queue. Given enough time us newbies could become very well rounded positive players. If you see yourself as one of the impatient types then perhaps you may want to change your approach. In the long run it would be to your advantage.


  • It sounds to me like you're doing a lot of instance matching runs? If so, you should avoid those. Find a nice newbie friendly guild and ask them to take you on training runs and such. When i was new i had a similar experience to you and eventually joined a really nice guild and had people offer to take me on learning runs and explain to me about gear, crystals etc.
  • If you're already quitting because of this, then maybe MMO's like TERA are not for you.

    There's a learning curve to this game, just like any other, and with a decent population of people who have been playing the game for a while, you're inevitably gonna run into toxicity. I got destroyed by the rest of my party a number of times as a fresh healer because I was still learning, and was directly/indirectly responsible for a number of wipes. Fixed my mistakes, kept learning, got better, etc.

    So my recommendation would be to keep learning and you'll get over the learning obstacles in time.
  • ElinLoveElinLove ✭✭✭✭✭
    Hanuishi wrote: »
    It sounds to me like you're doing a lot of instance matching runs? If so, you should avoid those. Find a nice newbie friendly guild and ask them to take you on training runs and such. When i was new i had a similar experience to you and eventually joined a really nice guild and had people offer to take me on learning runs and explain to me about gear, crystals etc.

    Found your answer here bruh. It really goes like this. A nice fresh player receptive guild is a good thing even when you've learned your runs, there's always new dungeons, and always room for improvement that you can try out with those guys. The other option being Learning Run LFG, done some, good idea to do it. I would have got kicked out fast from VHHM on my 1st try if it wasn't a learning run, I was a Priest and it was quite hard to learn timings to NOT keep dead all time and do the 50% HP debuffing mechanic.

    IMS is filled with complete traps that think they're gods. Really. It's that bad. Many people go there with the intention of learning the runs (like you did, or like I do on fresh patch), and those are usually receptive of mistakes with constructive stuff. In other hand a huge load of the traps are about as arrogant as you would expect of a pro player, like literally earning money out of the game, inside his pro group's run, and you suddenly entered it and deliberately made it bad. Yes. That's how far many people in IM are delusional. You can get blamed out of stuff THEY did wrong, DPSes complaining about lack of DPS when they are attacking on front, heals complaining about slow runs when they don't do a single debuff, don't heal you and you die after minutes of low HP, tanks that spin the bosses and complain about dying and no DPS... list goes on.

    Dude I've had a guy trash me because I was not pulling him to the safe area on rocks, that he kept hitting like a moron instead of being able to enter. I got called out by that single dude who got one shot and died on like 1s from full HP to 0. That was even an LFG run, I've seen worse on IM.

    Really, just go IM in patch start or once you know the dungeon so you have a quick run and maybe have fun with the traps being trap. Otherwise get some people on a learning run LFG, those are common, and you should be set.

    There's only so far videos and guides teach you if you don't practice. It just won't happen, nobody learns proper times by just watching someone do it, IM guys don't get this. You're doing your part, enter a group who's doing their part as well and knows your part of it too, toxicity avoided, dungeon learned, loot earned, all happy.
  • HaloistHaloist ✭✭✭
    Have a few questions though.

    1) Like what the guy above said, were you doing instance matching runs or LFG?
    It matters since some players who do instance matching runs are just out to troll people. If you feel that someone is just trolling you, then just ignore them. Simple.
    2) Did the other players accept the fact that you're new and still learning?
    Cuz it doesn't make sense if they had said "OK" to having a newbie in their team, and then suddenly change faces and "harshly criticise" you. If you were indeed using instance matching, give them an option to kick you before starting the dungeon if they don't feel comfortable having a newbie in the party. No point sticking in a party with players who aren't tolerant to newbies or just don't feel like helping. If you had insisted to stay, then you only have yourself to blame for whatever criticisms you get afterwards.

    Overall, it would be better to state examples of what you've experienced, instead of a generic post about how you feel about the matter, since it doesn't give as any insight of the actual situation that you've encountered to give any advice/suggestions.
  • RolyRoly ✭✭
    My recommendation for newbies is, do not buy scroll lvl 60 that's all the rest is to be committed persistent and positive... learn you class playing day after day without stop and start from the bottom, do not apply to IM that is the most toxic [filtered] ever.... i like IM i love toxicity but is not for all kind of player... sorry for your bad experience.... let me [filtered] those who think they are toxic i take care of em shiiiiiiiiiiie :DDDD hahahahah....
  • Haggard86Haggard86 ✭✭✭✭
    Lfg learning runs and a decent guild. Those are the difference between a horrible toxic experience and having a laugh with a decent group as you wipe and figure things out while having fun.
  • well let me tell you this....when ppl tell me that they are new to a dungeon and i know the dungeon well i try to give them an heads up before we enter a boss or i try to help when i can and if for what ever reason i enter a dungeon and there is a guy that says ´¨hi im new´¨ im like cool bruh i got ya,lets not forget that we are all been there but dont forget that some ppl are just 100% toxic.

    the best example was when i ran veliks hold for the first time i did exactly what you did, i went to essential mana and read the guide about the dungeon it was cool got some good info out of it and all but you still need the practice to learn its like becoming a doctor you dont only study you need to practice too so i went in there with my slayer and i said that i was new and it was my first time some ppl said nothing and some ppl said ¨k bro¨´ and i was like cool that went better than expected,i ended up dying 6 times in total no one said any thing about me dying.so ive decided to level up a zerk and do velik hold with him and....it was awfull 1 min into the first boss 4 ppl quit the party including one of the healers and tank they got rekt prety much by every attack and only the healer that dident quit had experience in that dungeon.so after some time waiting for instance matching to find new ppl (took like 10 mins or so) we did manage to clear de dungeon took almost 50 mins to clear it and most of us were again new players to the place and no one was [filtered] exept for one toxic reaper that started crying and [filtered] because it took us long to kill the last boss,the entire party told her to stfu.

    so basicly it realy comes down to with what ppl you run the dungeons,some ppl dont care abut new players and some ppl do care so you got 3 options here do what one of the guys above said LFG> and all that or use instance matching but when you enter the party dont say ay thing about being NEW to the place or you can keep doing what you have been doing and try your luck with instance matching(i guessing yopu have been using that so far) and say you are NEW and see what happens next if you get kicked or not or if ppl get mad that you are dying all the time.

    quiting is not realy the answear tho....
  • RolyRoly ✭✭
    i luv the first one bro... (HORRIBLE toxic EXP) WHY!!!?? are you crazy? yes i'm---- cause for me this will never be a horrible exp, never... i now perfectly how to [filtered] deep deep these kind of trashes and that is exactly why i love to run IM with this people that strongly think they are the center of the world when they certainly are the center of the [filtered], the only chance they have against me is by pressing a kick request and every1 accept, otherwise they're [filtered] for SURE ;)
  • What kind of dunegons are you attempting? It sounds like maybe you're trying some of the higher ones before you're ready. Maybe take some more time gearing up and practicing your skill rotation/dodges in the lower dungeons? But since they buffed all the bosses HP this patch, people really tend to get impatient, because the runs take really long if the DPS isn't up to the task.
  • RolyRoly ✭✭
    to many cutey elins and females elf with biggest butts and tits yea TITS TITS BUTTS o)~~~~ instead of geared toons ikr
  • XeirylXeiryl ✭✭✭
    i'm not sure where you're getting your guides from, but essentialmana and yosha have very detailed guides for content both brand new and a few years old - yosha's velik sanctuary guide has a cheat sheet, gifs, and videos all in one. i'm on mobile about to nap but i can get you the links when i wake up (or you can google them.)
  • 5H96Y49G6D5H96Y49G6D ✭✭✭
    This a troll thread gg trust me id know
  • Haggard86Haggard86 ✭✭✭✭
    > @Roly said:
    > to many cutey elins and females elf with biggest butts and tits yea TITS TITS BUTTS o)~~~~ instead of geared toons ikr

    People can be cute and geared you know
  • StevenAnthonyStevenAnthony ✭✭✭✭
    stop cry and learn how to play, this happend because you dont like learn, and always all is around you.
  • TheCatalystTheCatalyst ✭✭✭
    Learning dungeon is not the same as learning to play the class.
    U cannot do both at the SAME TIME.

    People go into dungeon to learn the timing for their block/ dodge/ buff/ debuff skills.
    Not which button to push. Or what crystals to use.
    I'm just sayin'.
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