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Valkyrie costume doesnt work after Velik's Fate patch

There is a bug for the Black Label Cuirass.

Before the patch, the costume worked fine on the valkyries, now it doesnt work at all with the Velik's Fate patch.

This is the item i am talking about:


  • i to have this problem =/

  • WitchyGirlWitchyGirl ✭✭
    edited May 2017
    yes i think all valkyries that have that costume on has this problem, and on all servers too
  • Thank you for posting this. We don't have any notes about this change, so I'm going to talk to BHS about it and we'll update you when we can.
  • buffonsbuffons ✭✭
    Hi Halrath, this is the same issue for the Gunner's black label hauberk costume as well. It reverts back to the regular costume for the race instead of what it was before.
  • Got it. I'll add it to my notes. Thank you.
  • ...same issue for the Snowboard Goggles
  • Any possible update for us Halrath?
  • Hasseo wrote: »
    Any possible update for us Halrath?

    Yeah. Sorry about the delay. Spoke to BHS about this and they said the appearance in v54 was actually the bug and that how it looks in v55 is correct. The valkyrie's, in particular, is red.
  • @Halrath

    hi, please let me show pictures of what it used to look like.
    The Black Label Cuirass (which is from Battleground) is supposed to look like this. (Its the one circled in the picture). As you can see, there is also the red and blue version of similar costume which is from Fashion coupons.

    After the Velik's Fate update patch
    the costume changed into a completely different costume.
    That "new/after costume" even causes and updo hair whereas the old one didnt.


    My question is: will there be a way to obtain back the "old/before costume" somehow? Add it in fashion coupons?
    The "old/before costume" is the one being heavily advertised in valkyrie advertisements/promo, and its kinda disappointing that we cant even get that costume in the game?
    I did battleround just to get the Black Label Cuirass and its sad to see it changed to something else. Sadness ...
  • Maybe Korean players on Ktera know what happened to the costume? IS the "Old/before costume" added to the fashion coupons in the future?
  • So has there been any update or ETA on fix for the black label costumes on gunner and valkyrie? I don't see in in tomorrow's patch notes.
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