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Final Anniversary Week



New post is up, and Big Blue Boxes make a return for the final week of our Anniversary celebration! Boxes are scattered across TERA, and could contain 10, 20, or even 100 Anniversary Tokens!

Also detailed in today's news post, the final anniversary Dungeon Highlight: Velik’s Sanctuary


  • All zones, or just some of them?
  • Tenshi1Tenshi1 ✭✭✭✭
    Thank you Spacecats! Woo!
  • Tenshi1Tenshi1 ✭✭✭✭
    Hey @Spacecats, are the items from the dgs bind on pickup?
  • Is this killing monster to drop or just randonly show on map to be picked up ?
  • Nvm, just got one on the side of road to quest, damage and get token. I was wondering where to get the permanent pet.
  • Can we have either some new stuff added to the token shop then? Or just re-add some of the previous items. There really isn't a lot in the new token shop.
  • kosaikosai ✭✭
    Next Tuesday all stuff from previous weeks will be added and then a couple of new items including Unity Stoles.
    From yesterday's stream:
  • I feel like the Blue Boxes are just too scarce to make it worthwhile to farm them. I crisscrossed 10+ zones over the course of an hour, and only found 3 (and all just dropped 10 tokens), and 2 of those were in the same zone. Each time I ran into another player who was clearly farming the boxes, I immediately switched channels or zones.

    If this were the Mungo event, I woulda found 10+ of the larger ones in that period of time. Seems like the spawn rate should be increased slightly imo to offset both their rarity, and the number of players actively farming them. I mean so many zones have only one channel at this point in Tera. *Shrug*
  • the spawn of blue boxes are horrid! like 5 hours searching, in every single corner of the map, switching channels, and i found only 1 box... worst event ever made... for real... last 2 o 3 blue boxes events, i waz founding 1 box every 10 min at least... and now,for the anniversari im getting deception! :)
  • Can't farm what isn't there
  • idk what's up with my username but i've never posted in the forums before (literally signed up just to post this)

    i really appreciate having the blue boxes in the game world now but finding them is absolutely abysmal

    i've spent probably ten hours searching by now and only have about 100 tokens to show for it, not to mention on two separate occasions i've attacked a box and it dropped nothing.

    i am not a maxed out player, i can't do dungeons, i only play this game by doing quests, either just with my boyfriend or by myself. so this is the only way for me to get the tokens.

    am i missing something? i've traveled through a dozen regions by now, switching channels and running through them again, still very little luck. i was hoping i would stumble across them while doing my solo leveling, but i've had to actively seek them out and go back through regions i've already cleared. now that it's a holiday and there will be more people on than usual, from what i gather, finding them will be even harder. i just think it's kind of a letdown. is it really that hard to make them easier to find? for some cosmetic rewards? it's not like they're game-breaking.

    but i'm a casual, i suppose, so what do i know. :confused:
  • Dyne81Dyne81 ✭✭
    I also have searched for the boxes for hours

    having found only 1 box for 10 tokens. this "event" feels underwhelming ... to say the least.
  • @Dyne81 @XPECN7W769
    Here are some tips to increase your chances of finding blue boxes, however do note that these are not confirmed by any officials of TERA:
    1. Try to avoid areas that are visited by other players, such as zones near Velika and Highwatch. Chances are that other players already ran through the whole area.
    2. Try to avoid zones with a lot of channels... (I seem to find much more in zones with 1-4 channels than those of 7 channels)
    3. Don't sit in Velika complaining about the drop rate... if you are going to do that, just note that one less player looking for boxes is one more player finding a box elsewhere.
    4. Avoid areas without monsters, boxes tend to spawn where mobs spawn... so don't go venturing into the mountains of AV.
    5. Maintain a positive attitude!!! So you don't continue to get discouraged when you can't find one...

    I find boxes left and right in areas with only 1 channel. I play on Fey Forest, and I look in the 3 zones around Elenea, Khanover Front(Zulifkar Fortress), The zones around Tria, and Quarantine Zone(Frontera).
    I confirmed my small theory of boxes spawning more in zones with less channels when I tried to look for Blue Boxes in Freeholds(North of Chebika), Valley of Titans(South of Cresentia).
    HOWEVER, do note that this is for Fey Forest server, I am not sure if it will be the same for any other servers.
  • JLPW3WPF9M wrote: »
    Are we getting the new token shop items today, or tomorrow after maintenance?

    yea I need answer to this one
  • I need the same answer

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