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Color Blind mode

My boyfriend is red/green colorblind and has a lot of issues seeing the some of the quest colors if they are green or red same with enchanting and trying to see the difference in green and gold stats(main issue is here cause it all looks the same to him he has to ask if its green or gold stat). Could we get a color blind mode so him and many others can have an easier time distinguishing colors. its mainly just the text that is a problem.


  • ZoknahalZoknahal ✭✭✭✭✭
    I support this. I am also colorblind, altho the doc never told me specifically to what colors im blind, but it made it so that i could not do Harrowhold due to some weird stuff going on with the red and black (according to what my guild told me) paw debuffs, which to my eyes look fairly similar and hard to tell the difference. It also makes my life miserable when trying to select the right colors on my many dyable outfits :(
  • TibixTibix ✭✭
    Almost every game I've played has had some sort of colorblind mode.... Sides for tera :( I also second making a colorblind version of the boss mechanics that appear on the ground. (I believe that's what you were talking about) As well as a color blind text version. Hell Give us a color wheel for it with html codes! (If anyone doesn't know what that is its a number that represents a color) Dispite red/green color blind people being the most common there are tons of other people who suffer from it in different variations who would really really appreciate this.
  • Looks like I'm not the only one xD
  • Perhaps there is a colorblind setting available in your computer/monitor video settings? I'm not too familiar with colorblind options since I have never had to consider it but this is a conversation worth having.
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