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Bam Event Server Crash



  • WeridWerid ✭✭
    EXTEND IT! at least 30min more !
  • Celestial Hills

    Winner of last server standing
  • AimoveraAimovera ✭✭✭
    Nothing wrong here.
    You will probably get double daily login bonus :p
  • Can't log on to TR, game stays at server selection screen.
  • Dear EME,

    Why are your servers not robust and balanced as other companies that are hosting larger population within their MMORPG games? such as BDO and WOW...

    Consumers pay you for a reason; don't let that reason go to waste. Last few patch updates it was mentioned servers were optimized somewhat, the latency is still there and it is possibly worse than before. This is a very huge disappointment to all the loyal customers that you have. Please fix.. Thanks.
  • Tenshi1Tenshi1 ✭✭✭✭

    ...........at least 550 should be enough
  • update your auto scaling polices eme!
    Your player consultant
  • ElinLoveElinLove ✭✭✭✭✭
    AV was perma frozen so we all went to stare at Lilith's [filtered] meanwhile, up until the server went down entirely.
    Now it's not just down, but it crashed the entire game while trying to enter it hehe

    That's a whole new level

    And now let them endless threads about "SERVER DOWN WORLD WILL END YOU CAN'T BELIEVE WHAT HAPPENS GONE SEXUAL" and their nuking down.

    At least 2 threads down that I saw and counting hue
  • RIP AV. It was fun while it lasted. XD
  • Guys I created a temporal vortex and am playing in the past what do?
  • ElinLoveElinLove ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited June 2017
    Aimovera wrote: »
    Nothing wrong here.

    Negative ping.
    Now that's some nice prediction algorithm they've installed on server

    It's not server issue, it's just predicting the next 38 thousand seconds of your actions, it know what you'll do and will send the answer all beforehand to your PC
  • I found the cause!

  • YabiYabi ✭✭
    This is why I'm afraid every time they announce events in game lol
  • StevenAnthonyStevenAnthony ✭✭✭✭
    FXLT5T69F5 wrote: »
    Celestial Hills

    Winner of last server standing

    they have crah event in the past, now av and other enjoy this :awesome:
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