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Fey Forest PvP tourney -FINAL CLASH- [Winner: Master - Brawler]

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Hype presents
-TERA Fey Forest Battle Royale-
Season 2

Starts: Sunday, June 18th @2PM EST
Admissions open: Saturday, June 3rd

1st place: Ambush weapon box + 70k
2nd place: Volcanic weapon skin + 20k
3rd: 30 day elite voucher + 5k

Tera has such a vast array of terrains, most more than our gpus can handle. I, Mr.Cuddly, and my sponsors from Hype have decided to host a double bracket Pvp tournament. Many people do pvp on the side and some dedicate themselves to it and so to balance things out we are making the tourney a 1 v.s.1 . There will be a cash prize for the winners of the tournament as well as the respect of Fey Forest.

Sign ups:
- Use the link here: https://goo.gl/Qp2tRp
- /w Mrcuddlyface in game and provide your [name] and [class]
- Parcel Mrcuddlyface in-game and provide your [Name] and [class]
- Leave your [name] and [class] on the forum post
- Message me on the forums with your [Name] and [class]
- Message me on discord at Cuddles#8921 with your [Name] and [class]

Rules and guidelines:
  • - All matches will be the best 2 out of 3 (with the exception of the semi-finals and finals which will be out of 5)
  • -This is a double elimination tournament, so once you lose a round you will be sent to loser's bracket and if you lose again you will be out of the tournament. For more info on how double bracket tournaments work visit: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Double-elimination_tournament
  • - All Buffs/consumables are banned from the tournament, excluding class specific buffs, If you have buffs on before a match you will be debuffed and/or maybe even asked to commit [filtered].
  • - Brooches are banned.
  • - The max gear level for the tournament is 429. If you are above this level you must find some way to bring your level down. (ex: Taking off or replacing jewlery, changing gear)
  • - There is no healing allowed during a match excluding the following:
- Gunner bot
- Reaper’s whipsaw and double shear
- Healing crystals
- Vampiric blow
- slayer Over-Hand strike and stunning backhand (glyphed)
- Slayer Fury Strike - Immediately restores 4% of total HP when you follow up with Stunning Backhand.
- Ninja Death Blossom
- Brawler Rampage (glyphed)
- Warrior, Restorative Rain of blows
- Berserker tenacity (glyph heal)
  • - Due to fights taking too long and people’s complaints, I am banning regeneration themed builds. Meaning, you are not allowed to roll heal rolls on your boots, gloves and chest in conjuction (you're only allowed to have one). Healing rolls on your jewelry are fine. If you show up with a Regen build you will either be sent straight to loser's or asked to reroll your gear.
  • - All fights will be posted on youtube so be sure to smile ;3
  • - Everyone enters by themselves only. Meaning, no teams where ppl can sub out for one another.
  • - Since we all have lives and would like for matches not to take 3 years, All healing classes are barred from the tournament.
  • - Until further notice, the new class, valkyrie, is BANNED from the tournament. It is far too powerful in 1v1’s and demolishes most people in less than one combo.
  • - There is no running allowed. Meaning, if you are losing/panicking and try to flee the arena you will forfeit that round. It is only called running if you flee the arena. This does not mean that If you are fighting and happen to exit the arena you will be called out on it. We will have careful eyes on every fight before calling a run
  • - Racial skills are banned
  • - BM skills are barred from the tournament, for those who don’t know:
- Mana Volley
- Stone Skin
- Shadow Reaping
- Shrouded Escape
- Deadly Gamble
- Adrenaline Rush
- Second Wind
- Rallying Cry
- Fire Avalanche
- Exhausting Blow
- In Cold Blood
- Unbreakable
- Bloodlust
- Divine Wrath
- Growing Fury
- Invigorating Rage
- Balder's Vengeance
- Feign Death Heal

  • - You can only use one char/toon for the entire tournament, so no alt switching.
  • - All match ups can be seen here => http://challonge.com/FFBR3
  • - ANY KIND OF BAD SPORTSMANSHIP WILL GET YOU A WARNING, If it happens again you will be DISQUALIFIED. While this might mean that if you make violent or even mean comments about players you will be penalized, if you think a match wasn’t fair do not be afraid to point it out.

- Matches will be the first to 2 wins, except the semi-final and final rounds, which will be to 3

- I will invite the two competitors to a party, and then tell you to fight at will.
As stated forever, you will be called to over global if you aren't present for your match

- Unlike last time, I will have no tolerance for people with hour/day long buffs (canephora, bravery, etc). You will be either be disqualified or If your buff has a few minutes left I will postpone your match.

- This tournament will be fought in the same location on different channel for winners and losers. If lose a match please head to the different channel and where another referee will be waiting for you.

The fights will be streamed have live commentation by: Kappa (desync) and Zing (desync)

-Losers and winners bracket will be fought at the same time on different channels.

Locations for fights

Things to note:
-Some locations have hazards/ledges or obstacles, bare this in mind and use them to your advantage.
-All round will be fought in the same place, meaning round one of winner will all be fought in one location while all of round two in another.
-Due to FF being a pvp server, no one is allowed to start or configure “out-law” or duel in the background while a match is going on.
-I will post the Location over Global 15 minutes before every round.
-You must come on your own. If you do not show up for you match we will call out over global. If you are not found after 2 minutes, you will forfeit that round.
-Also note that the List for allowed heals is constantly being updated, so if you seem something that should be added, say something.


  • Can I ask why invigorating rage is considered bm?
  • BlurberryBlurberry ✭✭✭
    Can I ask why invigorating rage is considered bm?

    no. you can't
  • Welp I tried *shrugs*
  • kknaexkknaex ✭✭
    Welp I tried *shrugs*

    Bec koni loves to use invigorating rage in every duel
  • This is the dumbest thing I've ever seen. Why do you think anyone would refill their [filtered] just to "compete" in this dumbass tournament? Max iLevel 429 XDXDXD
    Good meme I guess
  • What does ilevel 429 get you? Ambush/conflate mix?
  • xoBarbxoBarb ✭✭✭
    edited June 2017
    @Blurberry remember our 20min duel :(

    Good incentive cuddly.

    Really ignorant to write off certain classes though as there were many upsets last time with people losing a matchup where their class was the clear counter.


    Throwback tbh
  • xoBarb wrote: »
    @Blurberry remember our 20min duel :(

    Good incentive cuddly, Really ignorant to write off certain classes though as there were many upsets last time with people losing a matchup where their class was the clear counter.


    Throwback tbh

    Imo if a person is skilled enough they can beat counters to their class pretty easily, but I'll try to be better this time around c;
  • What does ilevel 429 get you? Ambush/conflate mix?

    I don't like having people completely dominate a tourney coz of gear so I limit it by Ilvl. Ofc you can always hit like a truck but atleast it won't be as bad
  • GlitchyTrashGlitchyTrash ✭✭✭
    edited June 2017
    Oh I meant what kind of gear does it get you lol I wasn't very specific. Pump answered, tyyy. Also my original question of why invigorating rage was bm was dumb. I was thinking mounting rage was the banned skill. Derp
  • KiraboshiKiraboshi ✭✭✭
    What does ilevel 429 get you? Ambush/conflate mix?

    Conflate still has inflated item levels, so not even that.
  • Everyone always make fun of Cuddly's tournaments and then wind up joining them xd.

    See you in the finals lewing :VVV)
  • ArnetraArnetra ✭✭✭
    Taking off brooch lowers ilevel by 9 or 10, innerwear by 4 or 5 and circlet by ~2, people usually have taken off something like that in the previous tourneys if their normal gear was over the limit.
  • See you in the finals lewing :VVV)

    You sure about that? >:)
  • BlurberryBlurberry ✭✭✭
    Coolkicl wrote: »
    See you in the finals lewing :VVV)

    You sure about that? >:)

    its legit gonna be cool vs apex pumped rob or me. all uother kids are [filtered]
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