av,mt and ff down



  • first problem ive had since i started playing again. thanks for the work guys! good luck!
  • Revolt23 wrote: »
    I just don't really remember having this happen from 2011 to 2014. Seems like all this stuff has been happening within the past year and a half.

    If I remember correctly, everything started happening around the time others "left"
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    @Halrath Please... i was on last boss Velik sanctuary HARD MODE... and its reseted and now i dont have anymore runs.. please reset it for us...
  • Okool it looks like its working now , but for how long... <.>
  • How about giving all of us our money and time back?
    I mean, since you're clearly not using it to for the right thing, we paid off your "support" LONG AGO.
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    nvm mEmE ._.
  • I reset all the dungeons for everyone. Have fun!
  • Halrath wrote: »
    I reset all the dungeons for everyone. Have fun!

    What about a winning CS? xD
  • whenever AV and FF go down, ping and response time on CH becomes way better. Kill them plox >:)
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