List of bugs still not fixed

- Whisper/Block/Trade/Party invite goes to last person you inspected/whispered instead of the person you selected.
- Brawler roots player in pvp with no root skills
- Friends list sorting doesnt work at all
- Terrain issues where skills dont work such as reapers and lancers giga


  • Lancer holds block sometimes. Same with zerk and war. Valk autos and evasive rolls constantly where you have to reatart to fix. Archer rapid fires automatically off cd on occasion where you need to restart to fix.
  • Glad to know it's just not me. I main a zerk and sometimes when I block, it gets stuck. I just stand there blocking even when I'm trying to use other skills. So, yeah... add that to the list of bugs.
  • Moved thread to bug report forums.
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