Tickets being ''solved'' but arent even being looked at?

Before my post got deleted, it was about an elderly man who sends me screenshots of him reporting the same person for harassing him and his wife. Im not even in the same server as the guy but ive known him for a long time.
The guy who harasses him sends him parcels and threatens to kill him irl and says drown his children in a pool of urine.
Thats disturbing as hell and the worst part about it is the guy is being parceled some of this stuff to bypass the block.
I sent in a ticket myself and got a [filtered] reply, i never even reported anyone there, its just me asking a question, So why the hell am i getting a reply saying ''theyll investigate further'' when my report was not even a report, it was just a stunt to see if tera will give an automatic reply to nothing in which they did.

And since im not allowed to post screenshots because this is the 2nd time my thread got deleted for '' calling out an en masse employee ''

I just dont understand.


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    Hi there. After discussing with some folks in the customer support department, I wanted to give you an update. When tickets are filed under "Player Reports," there IS a form message that goes out in response because there's nothing else we can state on the situation for privacy reasons.

    That doesn't mean that these tickets are tossed aside. Customer Support does investigate further - they just want to let folks know that their ticket has been received with the response you got. When they go to review the ticket ticket you mentioned in more detail later, they'll find it's blank, and move on.

    I'd urge you to please report this player, with the included screenshots that you mentioned to me via PM, so that appropriate action can be taken.
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