[PS4/XB1] We will be entering into maintenance for EU servers at 2:00 UTC. We will be entering into maintenance for NA servers at 1:00 AM PDT. We appreciate your understanding, and ask that you plan accordingly.

Server Instability, At least TR down so far.



  • BreetizmBreetizm ✭✭✭
    My ping is lower than usual, and doing a tracert to EME they brought back Saavis.
  • AV went down, then I couldnt see servers in the game screen before the client itself crashed. Seems to be up now though. Also at least 8 members of my guild in different dungeons also got disconnected so I really don't think that it was my personal ISP
  • GyGHxCz.jpg?1

    One person from TR was already offline, and then skills weren't going through (except using rolling reload for some reason lel) and then BAM. TR down. Sweg sweg sweg
  • MisagoMisago ✭✭
    Just looks like everyone needs to contact their isp tbh.
  • DelusoDeluso ✭✭✭✭
    We all should move to Australia, we could get a cruise ship to bring us all together.
  • Crashes appear to have been caused by a massive inbound traffic flood to one of our ISPs. We have switched over to an alternate and things appear to be leveling out. We'll have the servers up shortly; our Ops team is all over it.
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    Thank you Den :)
  • ItzMiraiItzMirai Portugal ✭✭✭
    Lostra wrote: »
    Massive lag spike on MT, during a run in VH, boss down at 20% suddenly everyone stops responding, yet we keep taking damage, whole party wiped and now 5 from 7 people are offline and can't get back in. GG.

    Pretty sure I was there with you... had to restart the PC so I could login again, not even the launcher was responding
  • FF and TR are up again and players are logging in. Sorry for the disruption, folks.
  • @Halrath @Spacecats @Denommenator I got drop out debuff cause of this and can't run bg's due to this. Can I get a fix on fey orz.
  • Av is like.. -3001948748456ms but OFC is not the server is my isp..(Enmasse 2k17) we need an answer now of what is going on.
  • pikpatsoupikpatsou ✭✭
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    @ Halrath: Can u ensure that the login server credentials are steady too?
    Tried to login again, and while i logged in normally, the EMP shown at launcher info, instead of 975 was 0.

    *****Only at launcher it was shown faulty as 0*********.

    Ingame (tera store UI icon) and at website it was shown normally as 975

    Edit: after a while and few re-loading launcer tries, launcher EMP data is shown normally too
  • LesbianViLesbianVi ✭✭✭✭✭
    well good luck finishing TS with the lags and getting anything :anguished:
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