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Sudden severe Increase in lag

Okay so this seems to be a very regular occurrence so im gonna chime in again even. You guys just switched to savvis about 20-30 minutes ago and now ping has increased and its horrible.
I said in the past that it doesn't help besides a few people (yes even people in america it makes it worse for them) and EME keeps switching them in hopes of fixing the lag, Your recent post stating sorry theres been lag issues since may is very wrong and misleading to anyone whose a newer player from the past few months,
Heres a reference for people who dont know
November October 2016
January 2017
March 2017
April 2017
Here in "may" 2017
If anyone searches any more they'll find heaps more threads unless they were removed.
We've been having lag since 8 months ago back in november last year when you switched to savvis originally to try and fix a damn login server issue, so you gave us a crappy server with savvis almost the entire HH patch while in savvis people repeatedly complained that it was spiking horribly and made repeated jokes about lag being a mechanic of HH, So with HH coming back very soon you want to mess with people again by savvis turned on when HH20 returns which will be more difficult and you know how frustrated people will be when they lag because of the server and constantly wipe their runs through no fault of their own?
I said it last time and ill say it again switching back and forth between the two savvis and zayo does not fix the root of the problem. This will only bring more problems i said last time i'm sick of it and with how this patch is turning out with slow [filtered] bosses with extremely buffed endurance i'm getting bored real fast and this isn't helping.

Oh and i encourage more people to speak up with this and make more threads so they know this is a problem


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    I live four hours from chicago and savvis is a 300% increase in ping compared to zayo. It's quite unfortunate!
  • There is already a thread discussing lag as well as another thread talking about the massive incoming traffic spike. Please don't make duplicate threads.
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