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tera won't open

it has been MONTHS since my tera won't open, and almost everyday i keep trying to open it but it still won't work. when i click play in the launcher, nothing happens. i even tried uninstalling and reinstalling it but it still won't open. help?


  • TibixTibix ✭✭
    Did you download tera from steam? if so i have the same issue and have been since the valk patch. what you need to do is go into task manager and close out all steam windows then go into your program files > steam > steamapps > common > tera. click the tera icon there and it should open the launcher, what happens to me is it opens the launcher and has me logg in and once i logg in the launcher goes away. my usual solution is once i open the launcher sign in and it closes out by itself mind you i click on the tera icon on my desktop and it opens the launcher and 9/10 the game will launch with a double click. it also helps if you dont have anything else open. This issue is apparently with steam and not tera ive heard from many pople but its been an issue for me since the valk patch. but i hope this helps with your issue if you run off steam. takes me a good half hour-hour to log into tera, kinda sucks but it is what it is. no idea if seam or tera hosts the issue but there is a tie i know between the two for me.
  • Thank that helpd me too! I have the same problem problem and i dont know what couses it... i hate that they cant fix their launchers:/
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