Yo, Servers Dead bro. Completely Lagged.

Sooo, 5 of us in TS just now and we all just froze and no one can log in :'D

Please do something. Maybe try this?

Savvis BACK to Zayo

Edit: Oh Right AV.


  • CH dead can't log in EME plz help?
  • voidyvoidy ✭✭✭✭✭
    Happened to a group I was with as well. Can't get into any servers. It's dead jim.

    Also I'm no expert, but when the game crashes for *everyone* it's safe to say that the problem isn't a specific routing issue since those tend to affect sets of people and not the whole player base, no? Savvis is much better than Zayo for me and everyone I know and play with.
  • ZeraticaZeratica
    edited June 2017
    Try logging back in. Showing only MT is down now.
    Nevermind. They're all gone now. Lol.
  • Dunno bout that, I mean it may be for you

    But ive been spiking from 300ms to 14.9k today ALL DAY.
    lol and my net is stable af so i dunno
  • "Try logging back in."

    would if i could
  • DXMDXM ✭✭
    Yeah, stuck in dungeon. Didn't boot me but nothing is loading.
  • BijuBiju ✭✭✭
    nah, its probably just your ISP
  • Nah man its totally ISP
  • PentosPentos ✭✭
    Im playing from australia and Im totally fine~ :o
  • Pentos wrote: »
    Im playing from australia and Im totally fine~ :o

    man i wish my isp was that good :(
  • Depends where you're situated bro lol, Sydney/vic sure ezpz ping your closer to america then I am over here in Perth :v
    I usually sit on 300ms FINE But since the transfer i skyrocket XD
  • Servers dead again
  • oh lookie Its down again :D
  • I can't even get my game to start up after getting kicked out of the servers during rally.
  • PentosPentos ✭✭
    Oh boy! Another One! Its a BOGO guys~
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