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Level 60 scroll price and impact.

I've been debating on and off buying 60 scrolls for years now, and generally I come to the same conclusion, if I need to swipe for one which I don't think has happened yet, I would just put $30 down and sell the EMP and buy one, or just buy it with gold during an event because it's so much incredibly cheaper, I've bought some for as low as 50k, that's 1:10 EMP conversion!

Which brings me to cost. It's over $40 for this sucker, on any day other than a Kyra's. In years gone by I'd say having an instant 60 may be an issue, during Steam release it may impact the pool of level 65s who don't know a damn thing about their class and just want to see end game content as quickly as possible, but in a time where we see people leaving more than new players joining, I believe the cost of this item vs its usefulness is just way out of balance. This should be a $10 item at this point.

You might say, why don't you just level, it'll take you a day. I hate leveling, at this point I've leveled over 30 characters on various servers to max level, I'm just tired of it. I get maybe 5 levels at a time every couple weeks before I'm just done altogether. I can't focus, I fidget, think about doing anything else. I've even been turned down by friends with an offer of gold.

So with these factors combined, it seems to me that EME is overpricing this particular item when we can see a real market price for it on the tb, $15-25 generally, EMP to gold ratio 1:30-40, and thus losing a cash sale over an in game sale.


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    I don't think the scroll does much good where brand new players are concerned. Say you're just starting out in TERA and you know someone that has a 65. Using a scroll to catch up with them means you won't have any experience with the game before jumping into high end dungeons. You'd be setting yourself up for a miserable time (not to mention the people you pair with in instance matching). I realize the level 1 to 60 experience isn't the same as it used to be in TERA but it still serves a purpose.

    Economy-wise, if the scroll is in demand and you're willing to pay gold to get one from the broker, I'm not sure why you'd consider it overpriced unless you just don't want to spend what it's worth to other people.
  • What I'm saying is, based on the availability and price from the broker, it is twice as expensive for me as a player, to buy EMP, and buy a level 60 scroll (4995 EMP x 1:40 MT rate = 200k) vs buying EMP, selling it, and purchasing one of these scrolls for 80-120k, and that's 5 months after the last giveaway, they go for almost half that during Kyra's.

    With that being said, there's not always someone online to broker a scroll, it would be nice to have the option of buying it from the EMP shop without paying virtually double the price and feeling ripped off.
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