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Upcoming strongbox event on Thursday

From what I've heard there will be an event this upcoming thursday. The last strongbox event was a complete failure, with very weak jackpots and very low chance. what would you guys like to see as the jackpots?

What I'm hoping the jackpots would be this key event:
Mini jackpots -
Semi enigma scrolls x 200
Smart Dyad Structure x 1
Tier 12 feedstock x 1000
Tier 11 feedstock x 1000
Premium Alkahest x 1000
Lamb bulgogi x 100

Jackpots -
Smart Dyad Structure x 5
Uncommon Noctenium Refiner x 5, or 10 (add these please!)
Tier 12 feedstock x 2500
Superior Etching Box x 10
+15 Tier 12 Enchantment scroll (rare)
(A costume smart box?)
(A rare mount?)

I just hope the jackpots scale to what their current prices are right now. Like a big jackpot shouldn't be Premium alkahest x 2000 like how they used to be. They used to be around 60g+ each so a jackpot would be worth 120k gold. Giving 2000 premium alkahest now would only be worth 22k gold @11g each on TR atm which isn't even worth the announcement.



  • I wish Tier11 spellbinds were a prize.
  • +15 scroll? no pls. Everything else seems fine imo ;o
  • Elinu1Elinu1 Canada ✭✭✭✭
    Source on strongbox event?
  • ZoknahalZoknahal ✭✭✭✭✭
    Elinu1 wrote: »
    Source on strongbox event?

    No source that i know off. This might as well be just speculations.
  • StarSpriteStarSprite ✭✭✭✭
    edited July 2017
    Zoknahal wrote: »
    Elinu1 wrote: »
    Source on strongbox event?

    No source that i know off. This might as well be just speculations.
    It was mentioned in this weeks twitch stream
    I dont have the time stamp for it. They were doing a Q&A and one of the questions was about a strongbox event. They said next Thursday. I dont believe any other details were given.
  • BijuBiju ✭✭✭
    Hi guys, for people asking about Source, it was announced during the stream Yesterday, so you should be able to view it yourself on the Vod ( near the end)

    Either way an official post will be coming.
  • StevenAnthonyStevenAnthony ✭✭✭✭
    all is fine, but superior etching boxes and +15 scroll realy dont need them, no in strong box jack pot,

    smart dyad you already dont have any way to get them, no like superior etching boxes since hight tier realy drooped
  • u just ask too much. if the jackpots were like those then u can easily refund the gold u've spent in the keys with a single jackpot.
    do u think its a event to give u free gold? xD from i've experienced in the last strongbox events... nope its not B)
  • 66ECX7NAN766ECX7NAN7 ✭✭✭✭
    Plz add deathwrack boxes to the strongbox jackpot, ok thanks.
  • PalominaPalomina ✭✭✭
    I hope spellbinds will be included in the jackpot too.
  • add founder account to the strongbox jackpot .
  • Costumes, smart dyads and dragons!
  • I agree on smart dyads! :hurrah:
  • berrymilkberrymilk ✭✭✭
    you know it going to have those [filtered] level 55 crystals and zerks LOL
  • LesbianViLesbianVi ✭✭✭✭✭
    Palomina wrote: »
    I hope spellbinds will be included in the jackpot too.

    Only open Spellbind boxes and get Bonanza boxes :p
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