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  • StevenAnthonyStevenAnthony ✭✭✭✭
    but people in tera still prefer discord, yea because is no like U.S goverment spy american cityzens :)
  • TrialMacameauTrialMacameau ✭✭
    edited July 2017
    OH GOSH, so it's true they act innocent, but they really are using your data. ALL OF IT!

    It reads.....

    [–]vishnevskiy- Stanislav#7943 • • 37 points• 1 year ago

    Hey there.

    CTO of Discord here.

    This part of the ToS is to allow us to send data through Discord on your behalf. This statement does exist in Slack but its definitely phrased differently.

    " In order for us to provide the Service to you, we require that you grant us certain rights with respect to Your Data. For example, we need to be able to transmit, store and copy Your Data in order to display it to you and your teammates, to index it so you are able to search it, to make backups to prevent data loss, and so on. Your acceptance of this TOS gives us the permission to do so and grants us any such rights necessary to provide the service to you, only for the purpose of providing the service (and for no other purpose). This permission includes allowing us to use third-party service providers (such as Amazon Web Services) in the operation and administration of the Service and the rights granted to us are extended to these third parties to the degree necessary in order for the Service to be provided."

    I have asked our CEO to look into making it sound more friendly. We have no intention of using your data for anything and hopefully we can clear that up in our ToS with friendlier language. It is currently this way "because lawyers". :)!/blogs/attackers-use-discord-voip-chat-servers-host-nanocore-njrat-spyrat

    I got loads of proof, are you sure you want to use Discord? I'm just protecting people from using it.

    The title of your post is asking Us, so you're saying that we shouldn't use Discord ?
    Bla bla bla I don't CARE ! Everyone has its own opinion.
    You can stop yourself to use Discord but you can't decide what to do with us. That's our rights
  • aeee98aeee98 ✭✭✭✭
    Here is the argument:

    If you are using an app for sensitive work or matters: such as discussing secret business dealings and whatnot, and the app itself is not designed for corporate work like these, you are doing yourself in regardless.

    I personally don't even care if whatever I say in discord gets leaked to other places, because I would have said the same in public anyway. Being able to discuss freely about games (and this information will pretty much be known to the public ANYWAY) without much to interfere is not something worth big bucks at all. Based on the very ToS I see there, the only personal thing they can get close to is my email, and an email I hardly use to begin with, and everything else I would say they will most likely find useless (things already known or whatnot). Also, Discord isn't the only application that could sell your data anyway, there are lots of apps out there that track the data you are transmitting in their own app for their use. In short, unless you are doing everything to ensure you are private to the extent you are basically on private services all the time, your data is at risk.

    For work, I have something called Skype for Business. I have private corporate emails. I have paid services to ensure the things I am transmitting stay secret for as much as possible. For gaming unless it can track passwords (I do keylog myself to ensure there aren't any other illegal users of the device), I am okay with most of my things being public, because in gaming there are no real secrets. Teamspeak3 has that advantage of having the layer of security the corporate services have and optimised for gaming but that is the only thing. Discord's more appealing text channels and more interactive way to introduce bots and stuff defines the app. We are looking at servers with 1000 online at any given time.

    You are right, you don't force others to change, but the main reason why Discord will remain a popular VoIP software is because of its premium grade services for free even though privacy may be a direct compromise. Use case and how much you divulge matters way more and you are right in that aspect. If you want yourself to be truly private, out of potential social media etc., even this forums that you are writing on is at risk. People have to realise that no matter how much you are trying to have your privacy, there are dozens of services out there tracking your every search on google and video you watch on Youtube, just to mention a few big names. That is the reason why I don't really care about "true privacy" in places where you don't really need it.

    TL;DR: If you are worried about your data being sold, be very afraid, because I am sure at least some of everyone's data has already probably been sold even through supposedly legitimate entities.
  • aeee98aeee98 ✭✭✭✭
    gib wrote: »

    It's free, so how do they make money? Selling your data! Think about it.

    by your logic, all free games / applications make money by selling your data? do you even read what you say?
    First things first, a ToS/ privacy policy is NOT a legally binding document. It's more a set of rules that both the user and the company agree to and it may or may not hold up in court. These things sometimes give the company more rights than they actually use, just in case they choose to at a later time (collecting data, sharing it with partners, etc.). So that in mind, they can't go to jail. It's like signing up for a contact.

    So technically they are non-bright freeloaders by acting so innocent.

    a quick google search tells you that terms of service are legally binding and do hold up in court

    It is legal but do still read the ToS in case there are loopholes. There is a reason why Discord has changed its wording on its ToS multiple times to avoid these loopholes.
  • MagraalMagraal ✭✭✭
    edited July 2017
    Just going to point out that Discord isn't doing anything that Twitter and/or Facebook aren't already doing- even Sony and Microsoft have these clauses for their consoles' online services. If you have accounts with any of those and are advocating against Discord, you're being rather hypocritical. The worst thing you could probably do is link Discord with either of those services, given that in the ToS it states they will collect information from linked services.
  • aeee98aeee98 ✭✭✭✭
    I don't know how to break it to you but, in any VoIP application your voice gets recorded for the means for transmitting the data. Of course the difference is client vs server side and who is handling the server, but regardless voice collection is and will almost always be the norm in VoIP, even if the said application doesn't say so.

    If I were the creator of discord, I wouldn't be that stupid to keep the said voice data (we are looking at hundreds of terabytes of data every single day, the upkeep of holding this amount of data is way too much if you think about it). If we are talking about mobile UDIDs, okay those are strings which can be easily stored in databases. But over here we are looking at a very unlikely and extremely impractical wiretap. If anything is what you are really worried about it isn't a breach of privacy but rather a breach of security.

    The reason why the app is closed is simple. The data collected is against their own ToS as well as Apple's own licensing ToS. The data OpenFeints leak wasn't exactly a privacy issue but again a security breach which then indirectly affects privacy. The sole reason why we explained why there is no reason to hate on discord is simple, even simpler since I have a development background. There is no real privacy in everything that is social. Things like UDID collection linking to questionable results like FB like in the case of OpenFeint has been a very normal thing if security measures are not put into place, more importantly encryption, which was the main reason why OpenFeint was sued. The amount of data Discord can collect in their servers is similar to the amount any other social media site, mobile game, VoIP etc. etc. that requires you to input data in of some sort.

    I'd be lying if I tell you that there can be a voice program without security problems. Just because there is no notable attacks on TS3 doesn't mean it isn't vulnerable to privacy/security attacks within the server or application level. In short, the amount of distress you cause yourself by advocating other VoIP outside of discord due to a black history is honestly pointless. And again, if they sell your petabytes of voice data, I would laugh at the buyer because most of the data would most likely be garbage anyway.

    Thus my answer is really clear, if I really care about my privacy, I wouldn't even consider a VoIP programme, and rely on actual telephony calls instead, or use a paid grade caller system like Skype to make paid calls across the world if completely necessary. No Teamspeak, no discord, no nothing. That is the only way to ensure your privacy cannot be breached. I don't, therefore I would want the easiest solution without sacrificing too much on security, and Discord fits the bill.

    Anyways, read Discord's Privacy Policy closely once again. If needed, you can compare this to any other Privacy Policy you see in social media sites. The coverage you have is at a similar level or even slightly higher. Worst comes to worst, you can legally charge them for privacy problems if they actually break their own ToS.
  • ArdireArdire ✭✭✭✭✭

    Like someone would want this data of me talking about Discord of how bad it is on privacy; no one cares.

    that's how i feel about 99% of the stuff you're saying, who would pay for discord data????? hello yes i would like to buy 1k worth of voice data of a bunch of nerds yelling about video games ok thanks

    like what are you losers doing on VOIP that gets you in such a tizzy... handing out your credit card info??? honestly if you're that paranoid you should just stay inside 24/7, close your blinds and invest in some top line VPNs.
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