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Recruiting The Skilled, The Streamers, and the stupendously silly for PS4 Guild.

I'm pre recruiting for the tera PS4 releas e we have several skilled players from pc already but we are aiming to be a high end guild for the ps4. We are hoping to make video guides, stream events, stream pvp, and really pysched the community up after release to super inflate the ps4 player base. Please message Jabberwonkey on psn with your mains class / any experience and if your a streamer. Now we won't just invite anyone. I mean we don't want a guild full of players who won't help out but only reap the rewards. So we will have a filtering process in play.


  • PatootPatoot ✭✭
    Hmmm doubtful but are jyoos the gaeowyn from those untouchable rogue youtube vids?
  • The one and only *Flex the pecs*
  • I am interested to participate in that Guild for the PS4 version, though, I am from Europe, no idea if it's going to be cross server between NA and EU.
  • I talked to him he said if he can play euro he will.
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