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  • YamazukiYamazuki ✭✭✭✭✭
    You are aware that the monitoring and selling of data pertaining to you starts right from the first step, your internet service provider. The vast majority of services on the internet, the isp itself, email, search engines, etc keep everything for a set period and while they have it some use it for their own gain. Some services allow you to turn off some of it, but even with it off it's not as if you are not being kept track of any longer.

    If you don't want any information of yourself being used in any way, then unfortunately that simply isn't possible currently unless you do not use the internet or a cell phone.
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    BAM and did I say I was right?! These people are fact reading everything in your browser!

    Really bad non-brights that act innocent, but aren't so innocent. I'm laughing right now.

    Do you even have any idea what Cassandra is, or what that blog post is saying? They are not "reading everything in your browser" -- they are storing the messages people post in Discord so that people who join later can read the archives. This is part of the intended functionality of the service. It's not some sort of deep conspiracy or sinister plot. If they did not store it, there would be no archive. This is exactly the same as Slack, Microsoft Teams, and any other number of group chat web services. You might say "I don't want there to be an archive! Chat should be real-time and ephemeral!" but archive/search functionality is very useful and is one of the reasons these services exist in the first place. You need a way to store and manage that sort of "big data," and that's exactly what Cassandra is for. The fact that Discord is a centrally-hosted web service that doesn't require someone to install and manage a server is also part of the intended design for the service, and a big part of its usefulness. Again, you may not trust a company with this data, and feel better about some standalone server operator, but that model brings its own limitations, challenges, and security concerns.

    Discord is still sharing EXIF Geo-location data and this was not too long ago.
    This is false. They are not sharing EXIF data at all. People are uploading images that contain EXIF geolocation data in it, and they don't realize it's there until someone else in the chat points it out to them. If you upload an image in Teamspeak with EXIF data, it will be "shared" that way too -- it's in the original image. People in the thread you linked were suggesting that Discord should forcefully alter the files people were uploading to remove this data to protect people from themselves.

    Discord can read your browser history too, since it's browser based.
    This is false. Being browser-based doesn't give a website automatic access to all your browser history; this website can't access your browser history and you're accessing it in a browser.

    Also I lied your ISP doesn't sell your data, but Discord admits it by the use of Cassandra. There is no reason for them to monitor people's data!
    This is false. Use of Cassandra to store messages does not prove they sell your data, or even that they monitor it. It is necessary to store this data for the intended functionality of the service.

    I'm all for people being aware of how the services they use work, and keeping their privacy in mind. Yes, you take a risk with any web service that hosts your data, and you have to understand that if you're not paying for a product, you are the product. People have every right to choose to not trust companies like Discord. But at the same time, your posts are not being reasonable; they're full of lies, false accusations, and innuendo.
  • aeee98aeee98 ✭✭✭✭
    I will be honest. I am interested in the possible things you would discuss about when in a voice chat. It really seemed like you are extremely paranoid about the data that you are sharing is used by another person.

    The GREE incident was actually quite obvious. GREE found that OpenFeint is not as useful as it should be in providing funds and scrapped it. I am quite sure data is transferred, but let's be honest here, we are talking about big data here. The most practical way to use this data is to see trends in marketing and the possible course of action business-wise. Have you actually used OpenFeint before? I have. The possible data that could be sent is at worst your UDID on your device. What can they actually do with that data to affect you in any way? I am rather glad that OpenFeint closed down because the service by itself didn't make sense.

    On a corporate scale, there is absolutely nothing they want with your personal data. And most privacy laws (at least in the United States as well as the country I am in) deem the transferring of information to anyone outside the acquisition of property being illegal. So yes they can sell your data for all you know, but at the end of the day nothing really changes, unless you have broken the biggest mistake of revealing anything too personal online.

    Stuff like EXIV and stuff are known for ages. It has been a common mistake in applications who don't mask their images, but rather just hosts the data. Sure some privacy such as the removal of EXIV data could be done (honestly in a large scale application like this, it is plausible but not a very important change due to use case). And most of the complaints have been made by similarly paranoid people about privacy issues. And as a developer myself I feel like the vast majority of them have been misinformed about the actual privacy issue when reality that most of the time it isn't a problem provided that the developers themselves put measures to ensure your data is in safe hands. And I am very sure the devs of Discord don't want a third case happening lol.
  • TrialMacameauTrialMacameau ✭✭
    edited July 2017
    Teamspeak3 you can host your own server.

    But for that you have to buy a server and not anyone can afford a server for TeamSpeak3 so we turned our head to Discord which is free
  • ArdireArdire ✭✭✭✭✭
    what if this whole thread is a farce and OP is just shilling out for teamspeak :thinking:
  • YamazukiYamazuki ✭✭✭✭✭
    Also I lied your ISP doesn't sell your data
    They do, to governments. Where do you think the US government gets a lot of its information? The idea of some super secret spy thing is just a movie thing, the reality is a lot of their information comes from internet and phone service providers. Even information they obtained on non-Americans came from service providers too with the authorization of the government in the region for many cases. For example, when European politicians were "shocked" the US government watched their citizens, yeah that was all an act. They authorized it themselves for data on their citizens to be shared.

    If you're so concerned with data about you not being shared then you have to find a way to stop your government from getting it in the first place and doing as they please with it, because they abuse our data the most and sometimes to ruin the lives of innocent people.

    Remember, governments have been lying and breaking rules for ages, and they are rewarded for doing so. Citizens do not pay the politicians, private businesses do.
  • I said this countless of times, YOU DON'T KNOW!

    THEN STOP COMPLAINING ! You have nothing to do with this ! You keep using TS3 while we use Discord. Again it's OUR decisions not yours think about this for a sec
  • I don't know about most other gamers or anyone else, but my friends and most my clients run a vpn/bridge system that and custom set firewalls. I have elements of discord blocked at the firewall and the vpb/bridge hides my location. My browser it set to clean everything every time it's shut down. Also and this is a big one for those that are paranoid, (you know who you are) Don't link your accounts or apps. My fb is not linked to discord. I keep all my accounts separate which also limits data recording. I even went full control and have everything not essential set to disabled or manual. I do like my privacy but your over paranoid about discord when it's easy to prevent or limit there data collection. Also I would say don't say or post anything you would want others to see. Let's be real, every app has data collection. Windows, apple, and android all do it and facebook/amazon are two of the biggest data farms in the world.
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