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Ideas for improving existing BGs



  • MawileMawile ✭✭
    Spacecats wrote: »
    JXE5356AKE wrote: »
    Spacecats wrote: »
    Remove the stupid HP potion, 5 tier 12 fs, and 3 omin ore from victory box and replace them with better rewards pls.

    its not reward, its punishment. it discourages players to play and enjoy BG.

    Better rewards = motivation, its just simple as that.

    I appreciate your post but this isn't about motivating people to play BGs because of better rewards. The goal here is to get ideas from players who play a lot of BGs and collect ideas on how to improve the experience.

    Aren't the rewards part of the experience though. It feels pretty bad pulling off a close fwc game to get 1 ominous ore.

    As other feedback...

    They are, I just want to keep the discussion focused on how BGs play and how they've changed (or could be changed) over time. Rewards are honestly a bit of an afterthought unless you're talking about changing how they're distributed during the course of a match.

    Just to throw out a couple crazy ideas...

    What if CS gave slightly larger rewards to players who completed small objectives during a match like:
    • Got the most kills.
    • Got the most assists.
    • Did the most damage to a gate.
    • Did the most damage to the anchorstone.
    • Capped an enemy-controlled pyre.
    • Was in a ship with 3 other people.
    • Killed three people with a siege weapon.
    • Guarded a ladder for more then three minutes.

    What if FWC had random elements thrown in like:
    • Boss BAMs that circle the map and create a moving hazard.
    • Randomized gate/fence openings that provide alternate access to the water.
    • Large 15-second buffs that overpower a team right after capping a pyre.
    • A single-use AOE rez ability for healer classes to turn the tide of a battle.
    • Additional raid leader abilities (like map scan).

    (Some of these would drastically change the way FWC plays out, but each individual thing wouldn't really need an overhaul of the battleground. FWC would still be FWC. You cap pyres, you kill BAMs and players, you get points to win.)

    My 2 cents in CS. Please DON'T increase gate HP even more. Most kills objective also seems like a pretty bad idea that would cause a lot of the pvp heroes to outright pvp all game and avoid gate/crystal objective (like when the raid leader says avoid pvp focus gate). Uhh as for the ship with 3 others not sure if it'll be a hit or miss. 3 people might be objective hunting and ruin a ship's HP/premade ignoring lead's orders but could also encourage using a ship in the first place. And as for guarde a ladder for 3 minutes not sure as well. Could be a hit or miss, not sure how it'd turn out until it's implemented. Definitely could encourage people to actually stay inners 3-1-3 but it also might end up having the whole raid afk on the ladder for objective points.
  • FaunBaitFaunBait ✭✭✭
    Spacecats wrote: »
    [*] Implement a post-game honor system for players with great attitudes.
    [*] Increase the difficulty of BAMs in FWC.
    [*] Adjust the point ratio in FWC to make pyres more important.

    These I completely agree with, especially the honor system. Just a few bad attitude players can really affect a game in CS. This way, they will think twice before chatting negatively.
    FWC has become repetitive with little to no strategy. Making BAMs and Pyres more important will greatly affect how FWC will be played.
    Spacecats wrote: »
    [*] Greatly increase the damage done by bombs in CS.

    Bombs are fine imo. They do damage to almost killing an entire group plus the anti-heal debuff is enough to kill. Increasing the damage will make it like the annoying [filtered] bombers in Grid.

    My input: The latest patches made being lead to a raid completely unrewarding. Please give an extra victory box to the winning lead and extra receipts to the losing lead.

    MOST IMPORTANT: Fix the bugging people/tanks that go through gates in CS.
  • A lot of ideas I agree with here. Especially making strategy and pyre control important again, limiting Valkyries in a party, and we really really need leader boards back and maybe even a special mount or weapon skin for top ten like it used to be. It doesn't matter or most casual people but it was a driving force for a lot of more hardcore pvpers. People want to work and get recognition and when VM is handed out like candy and dungeons are easy what is there left? Listen to the veteran pvpers please. Tera has lost it's pvp community (well community in general) but if you make the right changes you might get them back and a lot of this will solve itself afterwards I think ....
  • edited July 2017
    About CS suggestion:
    *Please re check the "EQUALIZED GEAR", add equalized crystal and maybe etching lvl 1 on weapon?.
    *Re check the gltich tank on gates, do better geodata on gates for prevent the people traspasing.
    *Re check some air zone where you shot with sieges or tanks for hit ships and choke with this invisible walls in the air (arround mid pyres zones on defenses).
    *Apply a loser buff, this give a possibility to win to loser team.
    *Player reduction from 20 to 15? for do more fast the queues.

    About FWC suggestion:
    *Quit equalized gear, if ppl dont have the item lvl just put a equalized gear how past patchs and maybe equalized pvp crystals ?.
    *BAM Repositioning, i think you can move bams to water areas you can make a little island in mid and quit the old zone pits i think this prevent or more hard to snipe, and prefvent the ppl to go afk on water beacuse you will be have more ground zone.
    *Allow again leash lancer skill to catch ppl on water please.
    *Please re check, or nerf, or adjust a lil the loser buffs is really broken.

    About Gridiron suggestion:
    *Quit equalized gear, if ppl dont have the item lvl just put a equalized gear how past patchs and maybe equalized pvp crystals ?.
    *Quit stats modify thing, this make it unusables the tanks for very low defense, the healers dont heal nothing this only affect to DPS are OP and broken.
    *Adjust the bombs damage not to one shot like CS bombs, adjust a lil the debuff in time duration or effect decrease.
    *Bring back old statues giving more speed defense or invisble stats, and add a lil more of CD to bombs, shields and nox.
    *Apply a loser buff, this give a possibility to win to loser team.
    *Change the score TAB option to be similar to the others BG.
    *Allow to queue in party.

    About Kumas suggestion:
    *Bring back the old kumas version for lvl 65 players obiously adjusted in hp.
    *Do the actual kumas royale for low lvl under 64.

    About iron siege suggestion:
    *Quit this thing xD.

    *Check all box reward is really poor.
    *Check quest box reward have really old reward tier10 feed wtf, and update when new gear come.
    *Vote kick system improve adding options for example for afk player, intentional feed, etc. Is really a [filtered] when you kicked 2 times or more withouth any reason and have to wait 10 min for requeue again.
    *Add new special tokens reward, on vanguards or daily where you can buy VM materials for a specific amount, put rewards that the ppl say "dam i have to do BG".
    *Bring back jackpots with diamonds, esmeralds or superior etching box.
  • ElinLoveElinLove ✭✭✭✭✭
    Making a TL;DR of my last post and adding a few important stuff too:

    Kick system is fine other than the 120s rule. This one has to go. Otherwise it works as intended. Vote quantity is not an issue anymore, it was an issue in unanimity vote in CS, but nowadays the vote quantity is perfect to balance common sense with trolls and trigger happy enter presses. Just check this stupid 120s rule. It's only logical for PVE to avoid kick right before looting.

    Iron BG: KEEP IT, AS IS! Seriously, I find it stupid that people want to remove it just for the sake of "I don't like, so you shouldn't play". It's not gonna make people queue for other stuff, just more bored people.

    Kumas Royale: Bring back Lv 20 - 65. It's completely nonsensical to separate it, there's nothing on Lv 65 that makes you better at it. An alt on Lv 20 may very well be better than a fresh Lv 65. Heck a fresh player at low level can be better than a veteran Lv 65. The inherent balance of the BG calls off the level difference.

    Kumasylum: Bring this back please, with some considerable hard penalty to force disband and forcing loss. Obviously more importantly: balancing rewards and the difference between Kumas vs federation so Kumas team doesn't throw the game like they did at the end of it's life. I'm sure there's people who liked that BG and people who wanna try it now if it comes back.

    CS: Agreed with almost everything said on other posts: specially the invisible walls blocking siege's shots have to go away. Mid siege job was a work of finding gaps in invisible walls.The rewards system to small tasks sounds great but sounds complex to implement as well. Quite some times we had completely AFK ladders staring into the scenario or taking a leak while people just enter free there. Still I prefer to have a reward for who at least tried there, than not even a thanks at the end.

    The rest I'll not speak much cause not my BGs, FWC when I played I did enjoy being able to enter with an EQ set until I made my main set that then became the one in the BG. I like the semi-EQ system, the only issue was elithists kicking EQ people, cause you know, no, you can't try the game mode, you must be born good and geared. Other than the small percentage of community cancer, this system was great in my opinion.... that is.... with a properly balanced set.
  • anyone who is crying aobut valk, read my following message: "you suck" beacause i can beat any valk with my warrior if i block correctly. thej only class is broken is reaper! andi agree with JXE5356AKE comment
  • xoBarbxoBarb ✭✭✭
    onlyharu wrote: »
    anyone who is crying aobut valk, read my following message: "you suck" beacause i can beat any valk with my warrior if i block correctly. thej only class is broken is reaper! andi agree with JXE5356AKE comment

    ur trolling
  • I have the 100 wins achievement for CS on both my Reaper and my Priest, around 500 runs in total, as well as having around 350ish runs in FWC between both of the characters (and some Grid but w/e). I mainly play this game for PvP but obviously, PvP is dead. Though we aren't supposed to discuss rewards for the BG's let's just be honest, rewards are the main driving factor for queuing. BGs in Tera have been on a slow decline in how often they are queued. Now a days, if the BG in question doesn't have a jackpot on for it, then no one will queue it as the current reward system is awfully RNG based. You could spend 20-30 minutes in a stressful CS and the only reward you get is 1 ore. Anyway, enough about the god awful reward system, more onto the actual BG itself.
    Starting with my personal favorite that has consumed more of my life than I'd like to admit, CS, has been exploited over the past few months by people getting through the gates without breaking them. A fix to this solution could remove a lot of stress that is frequently experienced in CS. Something that has been an ever constant thing in BGs for... idk as long as I can remember, is the mute function that is nonfunctional. Some what relating to CS but tying into other bgs, is a very unpopular opinion that is reducing the time of drop-out. Though I think it should still be there, it shouldn't be 15 minutes which is longer than most FWC games. If someone doesn't want to be a part of a BG because it's trap or whatever reason they may have, and you can't get enough people to kick them, or no one bothers kicking them, then you just have someone afking at base & skill spamming, because that's faster than waiting for drop-out. Tying into that, another obvious thing that is vital to BGs is revamping the kicking system. The way it is now is just obnoxious with the 120 after combat, and the amount of people it takes to kick o n e p e r s o n. I'm pretty sure this has been said already but why not, fix the equalized gear. It's incredibly weak, and stun reduction rolls are crucial. Idk there's not much more to say there. Also with heals, they seriously need buffing. We don't crit much at all thanks to the wonderful equalized gear, so our heals don't do much of anything. I know for a fact this has been mention but I'll repeat this til I die. Bring back incentives for leading. Sure the previous incentive of a few extra credits was trash, but there's literally none now. Very rarely does anyone WANT to lead, and more often than not it's a game of pass lead as fast as you can til someone accepts defeat and keeps it without scanning or saying anything the rest of the game. Leading takes you away from using skills because you're stuck typing, and if you're not going to get anything out of it, why bother. Moving more onto the queuing process itself, make Grid at least 2 people. PvPers (at least some) have friends, and there's nothing more depressing than wanting to run with someone and having them wind up on the other team. One major thing that bothers a lot of players currently is the fact that if you queue in a team, you get put against other teams, understandable that it was meant to be sort of a 'balance' thing so premades don't stack with premades, but I don't think that 2 friends queuing together and ending up against a 5man premade is very balanced. And obviously, multi queue for BG's is an awesome idea. If we can do it for PvE, I don't see why we shouldn't be allowed to for PvP. Bring back the leaderboards to showcase those with high ranks in BGs. A minor fix could be the estimated queue time. I've had an hour long CS queue with a 2:50 estimated time. It's obviously inaccurate and has been for some time. Just removing it would be easy enough. An interesting addition that could provide incentives for people to actually try in CS is contribution points being rewarded for amount of damage done on an anchorstone. I'm not really 100% sure how to go about a fair distribution of it, but obviously, the objective in CS is to destroy the stone, and the person who does it helped wayyy more than the 2 random guys who stayed outside gate PvPing the entire match. Remove dragon wing notification spam btw. Touching a bit on FWC, make pyres matter more, and make it impossible for Priests to leash other players off of pyres. I see that happen all the time and as a Priest, it's just annoying. Remove the uh... minions? off of Red and Blue buffs. If you don't kill them, it keeps the buff from respawning and they will keep you in combat. I don't see a point in them. The main issue with BGs being dead is that there's no point in running them because of the terrible rewards/reward system; as well as the equalized gear. I'm not saying bring back uneq FWC because that had issues of it's own, it'd be preferable than the current state of eq gear.
    Sorry for the text wall but tbh I've been waiting for a thread like this to happen. I'm not saying all of these changes need to take place, or even that my opinions are correct, but it's obvious that improvements desperately need to be made to the BG system. Ty for reading~
    *Sorry if there are typos or things sound funny I'm tired af
  • ArnetraArnetra ✭✭✭
    I've bolded the main points in case you don't want to read why I think the change is important.

    Multiple BGs:

    Entering a match in progress should give a guaranteed Victory Chest, or at least an additional loser's Receipt (or 2 or 3).

    Before the new system, you got bonus credits, but that's no longer a thing, so there is no incentive at all to take in-progress matches, this would be an easy way to change that.

    The top scorers on both winning and losing team should be awarded bonus Victory Boxes in FWC/Grid separately.

    Under the current system, it's the top scorers in the entire game (across both teams) in FWC, but the losing team rarely has any chance to get the bonus because they usually lose every group fight hard and get few points from kills and assists. I think it should be expanded separately to the losing team and grid as well. People will give up and AFK extremely easily in these BGs, making things much less fun for those who want to continue, giving top losing team members extra rewards would incentivize continuing to compete. You could give them receipts if you think boxes would be too much, but they should get something.

    Randomize teams during matchmaking.

    It's possible to synchronize when you queue to try to end up on the same team as your buddies. This can result in groups of strong players repeatedly ending up on the same team and dominating the random collection of folks on the enemy team. Randomize the members of each team to prevent this and make the games more fair.

    Spread tanks and healers evenly during matchmaking.

    To go with the previous point, if you've played a lot of BGs, you've been on teams with 4 mystics when the enemy had 2 of each, or teams with no tanks when the enemy had 3 or 4. It's a hefty disadvantage to not have one type of healer, or have no tanks in large scale fights. It would be relatively easy for the matchmaking system to mitigate this when possible.

    Unequalized gear.

    Korea just got it for FWC, make sure we do too. Also for Gridiron. I realize CS is hard because of balancing the gates and stone, so perhaps it would be best to leave that equalized and have it be more accessible for new players.

    Rebalance equalized gear or make it customizable.

    Everyone gets the exactly the same gear, even if it makes no sense. Healers have offensive stats instead of defensive. Plate classes get little flat endurance and are squishy as [filtered] compared to open world. Gunner has tons of crit factor when its main damage skills would crit 100% of the time with half as much. No one gets stun reduction. It completely screws BHS's ability to balance the classes too because they have to balance around some being amazing in open world compared to BGs.

    Remove the 120s combat no kick timer in BGs.

    No reason for it to exist in BGs. The votes needed to kick is already quite high, if the team agrees someone needs to go, for afking, intentional feeding, toxicity, whatever, they should be able to be kicked, regardless of whether people have been in combat in the past 120 seconds. This would also reduce the amount of random kicking at start. People agree to early kicks because if they decline, they worry they may end up stuck with someone who legitimately shouldn't have been allowed to stay with no way to kick them later in the game.

    Additional reward for leading if your team wins

    Should reduce people playing hot potato with leader and get people actually trying to do it. Only for victories though so we don't get people just asking for lead and then not bothering to actually do it.


    Raise health and reduce crit resist of BAMs.

    Right now archer has a huge advantage sniping bams because of their flat crit chance passive. FWC was made before this was a thing, it should be updated to match the current gameplay rather than give a single class such a significant advantage. Archer is already top tier for the pvp portion of FWC, it doesn't need the best BAM sniping by such a huge margin as well.

    Slightly raise health of the Red and Blue buff monsters.

    Priests like to use Energy Stars on these to buff the team before the first fight, but they are so weak it will sometimes just kill them, resulting in no buff. A small health buff would help with this strategy.

    Make the FWC achievements count toward laurels instead of the CS ones.

    FWC has achievements for victories only, CS has achievements for getting top rank, which is difficult for healers to get. Having FWC contribute to laurel instead would be more equitable for different classes.

    Nerf the in combat swim speed of elins and popori (racial passive).

    They swim faster in combat than they move on land when in combat! Ridiculous, and a solid advantage in FWC where they can swim away much, much easier than other races. Either reduce the effect or make it out-of-combat only.


    Lower vote amount required to kick.

    9/10 votes is ludicrous when virtually every game has afks, offlines, people who don't understand english and thus can't be counted on to vote kick someone, even when it's obvious they should be removed from the game (afk in base multiple rounds, deliberate sabotage etc.) Your team is screwed from the start if you get 2 or more afks/offlines; you can't kick either cause the other is afk and thus won't vote.

    Stuff other people mentioned that I endorse:

    Separate Equalized Team 3s Queue
    Minor CS Bomb buff
    Honor system (sounds good, but abuseable by premades).
    Better rewards
  • PalominaPalomina ✭✭✭
    xoBarb wrote: »
    onlyharu wrote: »
    anyone who is crying aobut valk, read my following message: "you suck" beacause i can beat any valk with my warrior if i block correctly. thej only class is broken is reaper! andi agree with JXE5356AKE comment

    ur trolling

    Warrior much more cancerous in 1v1 than valk but believe what you want.
  • LesbianViLesbianVi ✭✭✭✭✭
    Palomina wrote: »
    xoBarb wrote: »
    onlyharu wrote: »
    anyone who is crying aobut valk, read my following message: "you suck" beacause i can beat any valk with my warrior if i block correctly. thej only class is broken is reaper! andi agree with JXE5356AKE comment

    ur trolling

    Warrior much more cancerous in 1v1 than valk but believe what you want.

    With warrior you have time to scratch your nuts or but.t and you see what is happening to you but With Val, what just happened? what nuts what butts? Yeah, that's the difference I think :p
  • Not sure if has been suggested, and I have little hope that it would ever happen, but would be cool to have new maps for the different BG modes. Perhaps map you play on could be RNG?

    Anyway, I won't hold my breadth. :skull:
  • Digivolve wrote: »
    Limit the number of same class quantity to 2 for Fraywind and 3 for Corsair's Stronghold

    GREAT IDEA! I second this.

    Also about CS: I had days when I only did CS before Gunner patch, back when reaper was our main problem. When Gunner came we got blasted left and right. Then brawler made it worse. Therefore in my humble opinion, class balancing is the key.

    I'd love the idea to diminish Brawler's attack for example, in CS, so it turns into a support class where it would be used solemnly as a stunner and nothing else. Each class should have its own role to play in CS like it used to be. Back in the day every class had a purpose. Sorc/Archer would defend behind gate, Zerk would defend ladders, Warriors Slayers were the pvpers. I loved it. Then all these op classes messed it up. Remove their advantage so that the rest of us can go in + apply what Digivolve said.
  • 66ECX7NAN766ECX7NAN7 ✭✭✭✭
    Palomina wrote: »
    xoBarb wrote: »
    onlyharu wrote: »
    anyone who is crying aobut valk, read my following message: "you suck" beacause i can beat any valk with my warrior if i block correctly. thej only class is broken is reaper! andi agree with JXE5356AKE comment

    ur trolling

    Warrior much more cancerous in 1v1 than valk but believe what you want.

    Good valks are extremely cancerous in a 1v1 situation lol
  • Players who stay in certain strategic positions like the stairs in the CS should gain points, is one of the more boring parts of CS, but is essential if the team wants to win
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