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★ ✿ [CH]Private Art Shop (Just PM)

Since People are being mean; I'll just commission privately. :>


  • Bro this is literally traced lmao


    0/10, folks. go look for an honest artist.
  • mewsumewsu ✭✭✭
    is your whole deviantart traced? :expressionless:
  • Instead of tracing from other artist and ending up with a bad reputation as an artist, you should try design doll. It can help a lot with your anatomy and it'd be okay to trace from it since it's not another artist's work. I use it a lot too and it helps me a ton! I understand you must be learning still and I can see why you'd turn to tracing poses, but I want you to know there are other ways. And if you need help with something you can ask me or other artists; I'll be more than willing to try and help you with anything you'd need (art related). I'd hate to see someone with potential get a bad rep as a tracer.

    Here's the link to design doll! I'd definitely try it out. :)
  • ArdireArdire ✭✭✭✭✭
    "being mean" =/= called out for plagiarism.

    very professional!
  • 250K for traced art, couldn't have a better deal! =)
  • mewsumewsu ✭✭✭
    the fact that you STILL want to make commissions off traced art is so upsetting... but yeah, guess we're just being mean over here.
  • FeenoxFeenox ✭✭✭
    tracing is art theft & youre selling your "art", idunno that is just a bit unrealistic, its not being mean, theyre just telling you how it is

    someone even offered to give you help and gave you a resource to use :)
  • allofspaceandtimeallofspaceandtime ✭✭✭✭✭
    the original posting you had, made it seem as if you were doing original work. just tell people that you are tracing art and reworking it. if you want to redeem yourself, you should post a screenshot of a character in game, and then draw them. I feel that you would earn some credibility that way...some.
    as far as people " being mean ", if you are going to cheat, make sure you don't get caught. but seeing as how you got called out for cheating and proof of tracing, all I can say is redeem yourself the way I suggested or pack up your crayons and go home. don't get butt hurt cause you got caught.
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