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Meet the Team: CS Specialist Rayner



  • UltemeciaUltemecia ✭✭✭
    Rayner wrote: »
    Pascalle wrote: »
    Rayner wrote: »
    frostious wrote: »
    Is that Beta Ray Bill I see? NICE
    Wow showin all my cool stuff and you're going to put me on blast like that?

    Sorry didn't mean to do that :(

    I just thought it was cool you have pretty much the same tabs open as I do, except for the last one of course.

    Haha, I was just joking around. My first inclination was to make a fake post showing that I suspended you, but now I'm glad I didn't.

    You absolutely should have done that XD
  • Any plans on increasing the maximum character slot from 16 to 24?
  • KAJINOFE wrote: »
    Any plans on increasing the maximum character slot from 16 to 24?

    I have not heard anything on that, but I will forward your suggestion. :)
  • KhatarsisKhatarsis ✭✭
    edited May 2016
    Hello, is there any chance we will see male characters come back into the game ? (ex: male [brawler,gunner,ninja ... ]) Tera is right now overflowing with female and female only class restricted characters, marketing or not, it's disturbing to see 19 female characters in a raid and 1 male, i would and i think i;m not the only one who would switch to a male if it would be possible, without giving too much (or any) consideration to the soulbound cosmetics.
  • Rayner helped me when I thought I can't get any help at that point. If you will ever read this, thank you!
    *hugs Rayner and his cats*
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