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(Argon Assault) Understanding the Cryptic Messages



  • Okay.. So all of that was a spoilers for incoming Argon Invasion?
    Btw, about the Baldera (someone talked about it earlier) - I've seen some pictures of Baldera with argon like monsters, I'm not sure if that was a fake or true... Can't find a link now, cuz it was a long time ago.
    What I'm thinking about all of that - it really may be the another stage of Argon War, cuz as we know they are coming from the Underground (or whatever) and, in fact, if you want to win a war you should:
    1. Defeat your enemy till the last unit. Man, woman, child, no matter
    OR in our case
    2. Find a way to seal the way to Arborea for Argons (seems nearly impossible, but we have gods anyway!)
    As well we haven't seen Manahan already and even don't know what a hell is this guy. (For me I only know that it's a child of Arun and Shara, the first God, created Shandra) But if we will ever see him... The Lore said that it's the most powerful of all the gods, I don't really know if all the races will ever have a chance to kill him. So... If we will face Shandra again - kill her.
    OR - hello! We have a new Argon leader, toughter than Shandra. "Only a strong leader can control this many at once"
    I want lore expansion xD
  • LesbianViLesbianVi ✭✭✭✭✭
    @AzuraRa There is a thing here, events are all EME can do, contents are what BHS can do which won't do lol :lol:
  • @LesbianVi
    lol, agree. But I still hope that they will do something
  • NPCPakNPCPak ✭✭✭✭
    I've finalized the front page with the rest of the gathered information we have on this event, and I will no longer update it as it's not needed. I want to thank the TERA community who helped solve this mystery, including discord users, facebook/twitter users and everyone else who just likes a good puzzle. You've all done a wonderful job and I really enjoyed seeing players work together. I hope this will be a great event for everyone!
  • @NPCPak Thanks so much for helping with this - it was amazing from our side to watch you all have fun with the teasers - I'll see you all on Tuesday when intelligence reports point to the beginning of the assault!
  • I just want to say that this has been a lot of fun! I love puzzles and I also really love how everyone came together to have a good time with this and keep it a positive thing. I hope that EME does more of this in the future!
  • LYC14LYC14 ✭✭✭
    Maybe we can be given different kinds of puzzles, from games and math problems to riddles and lateral thinking questions, to find out the details of upcoming major events in Tera.
  • CatservantCatservant ✭✭✭✭
    OK, so I get that the puzzle pieces is "Paesyn's Charm", but has anyone figured out what this is FOR?

    It doesn't seem to be a code like Zolynsfavor was.

    Is it just something to rally us? Like "Remember the Alamo"? Or is there something we haven't figured out yet?

    Or maybe I missed the post(s) where this was answered, because can't see... :wink:
  • Catservant wrote: »
    OK, so I get that the puzzle pieces is "Paesyn's Charm", but has anyone figured out what this is FOR?

    It doesn't seem to be a code like Zolynsfavor was.
    It was the code word that let you decipher the last message. (As I said in some other thread, Paesyn's Charm unlocked Zolyn's Favor... which is lore-appropriate. :p )

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