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Customized Flying Mounts

In my routine walks, traveling through the game maps...I've been thinking about the ride for non-elite, fly with pegasus, or with dragon if you're in Northern Shara, but why could not you fly with your own mount?

For those who do not have a flying mount they will continue to rent, but for those who already have their flying mounts, just fly to the portal.
A map window will appear for local destiny choice, obviously your mount upon arriving at a certain distance from the portal, will not lose stamina, so you can choose the destination without worrying about ending up descending.
This would certainly give more emotion and interaction of the player with the game.
Even why, even for those who have elite, sometimes it's a bit annoying to use the Atlas, of course, the same will still be better because you can only fly to villages through the big cities.


And I also suggest that there may be events or more interaction with villages, many of which are abandoned.
I loved this event of the return of the Argons, En Masse is to be congratulated for providing us with some nostalgic ... the old Nexus ...
Thank you for your attention, Kud - Priest - Mount Tyrannas.


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