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Need serious help for a returning player!!

I am in a bit of a predicament and the online support is going to take forever. I just really want to play this weekend! Before I stopped playing I changed my email address linked to my account. That email has been hacked, I no longer have access to it. Now I am on a new computer trying to log back in to set up a new email address for my account. I have no way to receive the one time code to authorize this computer to make any account changes because it is sending the code to the hacked email account I no longer have access to. CAN SOMEONE HERE PLEASE HELP ME?


  • can you log onto the launcher? if so, click the "Buy EMP" button on the top right. this will sign you on to the website bypassing account armor. from there go to the account settings page here and click Edit next to the email, then just change the email
  • nope. as soon as I try and sign into the launcher it asks for the account armour code as well....
  • I have to say Im not to impressed with the service here. I have been locked out of my main account for a week now and have only received one response to my ticket. Now I have to wait god knows how many more days for them to resepond in
  • I would think that a person who has lost control of their account would take priority for help.
  • I would think that a person who has lost control of their account would take priority for help.

    if a person puts a ticket in and gets a response and then has to reply to them, does that automatically throw my ticket back to the bottom of the wait line? because its taking forever to get a second response.
  • private messages are not available until you have posted more comments? wth is this. I need to get help for an important matter that is being treated like its nothing. I need to pm someone that can help me yet I cant until I post more comments? have I not posted enough right here on my own thread....
  • jesus christ your customer support is [filtered]......
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