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Support Ticket Wait Time

I have put in a ticket with you guys last week under my main email address asking for help to get my main account back. The email I was using for my main account got hacked and I am trying to log in from my new computer. Well I cant retrieve the account armour code from the hacked email to verify the new computer. I got a response from support saying they would change the email back to my old email address as long as I could verify my account info. I emailed back with the info they requested and now it has been pretty much a week with no response back and no fixing the email address so I can access my account...... I just want my account back so I can play again!..... Why after getting the initial response from support would it take so bloody long for them to get back at me and resolve the issue? Its not like it was a new ticket waiting for a first response. It was already answered and just waiting to be fixed. Come on guys...... About to drop your company and your game and just go back to AOC......


  • As a heads up, if you hit the "Reply" button on the Email notification about your Ticket being updated, and send in your message that way, it is not the same as replying directly to a Support Ticket, or even putting in a brand new Ticket.

    Our Support Agents get no notification of a response being sent in from a player when that method is used, and most likely the reason why it's now taken a few days for anyone to see the answers you provided for verification.
  • Well then I guess my response is sitting in limbo and I better go and try to reply to the ticket response. SORRY ....
  • Now I just have to figure out how to do that lol!!
  • Ok I have a bit of a Problem CobaltDragon.... I cant find where the original support ticket is.....
  • Ok I have a bit of a Problem CobaltDragon.... I cant find where the original support ticket is.....

    I dont think I used any account to sign in when I made the ticket. I put the ticket under the category "I dont have access to my account email" so it did not make me sign in to an account to make the ticket. It let me put in the email address I could not access then it asked for a new email address to change to. Then I got a response at the new email address that I wanted the account changed to. The support worker "Ryan" answered me at the new email address asking me to verify some account information. How am I supposed to answer him back other then sending it through email?
  • Please do not tell me to submit another support ticket under this new account I have created here.... I will not wait another week. Ill just be done with this game and go elsewhere.....
  • It's fine. I found the original Ticket as well as your updates. Since it was me who originally replied, I'll go ahead and take care of it for you shortly. ;)
  • Thanks so much man. I really want back in this game bad my friend. I did take the time to create another ticket, thats how bad!!! Should I just delete it?
  • Yeah, it's best to just close the new additional Ticket at this point, since I can reply through the original one.
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