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I don't feel good..........

the grind is really hitting me hard and about to choke me out from wanting play this game. Im already not feeling well and to me i feel like im just about puke at any second if nothing is done. On top i been having headaches for a several days which i would say is do to me extensively spending and grinding in tera. Im currently in the process of withdrawing from this game for a couple of weeks or months, because i dont know what to do. I just cant handle the grind anymore, its literally destroying me and every time i think of Tera now im starting to feel sick and dizzy again.

Which also makes me not really want to play any video game in general. I feel like i might have caught some kind of illness from playing Tera for such a long periods of time after ninja class, anyway I dont know what to do at this point. I did noticed some physical changes in me, and feel like i gained extra 4-6 pounds from just lack of activity and constantly sitting and playing the game which causes my neck to hurt. But when im laying down ofcourse im not really experiencing any of these problems, but sadly i dont have any gaming laptops that i could just play games on my bed and only have desktop that i have to sit while playing ;(

Man i need to go outside but im just so lazy and tired to even do anything now....


  • put the game down. step away.
  • Yeah, take a break. Besides, issue related to the grind are going to be worked out over the next little while anyway, so by the time you come back hopefully it'll be less stressful. But for now, you need a vacation.
  • YesunaYesuna ✭✭
    An alternative would be to try and regulate your playtime to fewer hours a day. There's no need to get the best in slot gear that requires all these hours of grind. ^^

    Good luck!
  • RKCRKC ✭✭✭
    Freaking hell people.... Take a damn break once in a while and dont burn out of the game.

    Its not TERA its you people over exerting yourselves way to much.
  • BonbonnieBonbonnie ✭✭✭
    edited June 2016
    I do wish they'd take some of the grind aspect out of the game. Then again, what are Asian-based games without a ridiculous amount of grinding for materials and the lovely awakening chances. I love this game and have been playing it since it's Korean beta, but I do think it's high time they dropped the grinding aspect. at least for overseas players. Americans have more to do than spend 6+ hours grinding for stuff, yes?

    Inb4 "you don't understand how MMOs work!!1" because I do, it's just most players who aren't children or relying on their parents for financial support and EMP aren't going to be sitting at their PC for 6+ hours trying to get T9 feedstock and CS wins.
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