Spinning Counter? Yes, that's a perfect description of a STUN skill.



  • im hope they change the name "Tunder Strike " to "Crit depent Strike" huehue
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    "Spinning counter" makes it sound like the warrior does a spin like in vortex slash.

    "Poison Blade" should be renamed "Edge Blade" because the DoT effect is pitiful. "Combo attack" should be called "wet noodle strike" because it doesn't do damage. "Traverse cut" should be called "Rapid Poking".
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    66ECX7NAN7 wrote: »
    "Spinning counter" makes it sound like the warrior does a spin like in vortex slash.

  • Consistency changes like this are made less frequently than when TERA was first launched, but they still happen. Most of the time players don't pick up on them and things just look normal. Whether "Spinning" and "Sweeping" better than some alternative is totally up for debate, but the real intention was to remove the word stagger from skills that don't actually stagger.
  • I mean, it takes like 2 seconds to change a line of text, so it's not really comparable to fixing exploits. Also probably not the same person handling both (if I recall right, a translator at Gameforge does the localization for both EU and NA regions, but I might be wrong.)

    Our team does the initial localization for English speaking regions. And you're right that work like this is done by different people from those that tackle exploits (Bluehole devs). It's a pretty quick process to change the name of something.
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    That makes more sense, I guess they handle the other languages for their region then. Probably where I'm pulling that one from (besides the obvious approximately back-located area.)
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