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9/15 Twitch Stream: Murder Mystery Pt. 2


Today starting at 3 p.m. PDT, get ready to don your Murder Pants™. Those being, of course, the flashy (and possibly blood-soaked) Murder Pants™ you use while you want to solve a murder. Sometimes to solve a crime, you must dress like a smooth criminal. You have to get into the murdering spirit. You have to get into the murderer's mind. You have to get into your Murder Pants™. Have you seen the show Hannibal? It's just like that, only with Murder Pants™.

In addition to mysterious deaths, we're going to show off the recently released Blue Sky and Starglow costumes. We'll also PREVIEW the Starglow and Crystal Blue weapon skins releasing next week (and give some away to raffle winners :heart:). See you there! https://www.twitch.tv/enmasseentertainment


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