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Brawler Crit Factor vs. Power?

I'm a somewhat-new, fairly decent Brawler, still gearing up and all that. I've got full Misery 12+ with Energetic II on gloves so far. I've seen a few Brawlers talking about how there's no point in building crit/using crit etchings/crit jewelry, and that power is the way to go after a certain point. Is there any second opinions on this? I was going to get a second Energetic II for my Brawler's weapon, but is a Pumped a good idea? Or is Keen still the way to go?


  • Always use double energetic etchings, and you dont wanna go full crit ever, try to find a good balance with crit and power.
  • clfarron4clfarron4 ✭✭✭✭
    From what I've seen 300 total crit after all the buffs (Mystic/Growing Fury) is the maximum you should be using if you are not using the Triple Crit Haymaker Glyph and not running HH. So that's 50 base + 250 extra crit.

    If we treat Growing Fury now as an effective permanent buff, because it has no CD and it should only take you 10 seconds to get to a full rage bar from empty, then you're looking at +200 crit.

    This leaves us with two different setups:
    - Priests: There are no more sources of crit to account for, so you're looking at +200 crit from jewellery/etchings etc.
    - Mystics: +2.2x crit = 60 crit, so you're looking at +140 crit from jewellery/etchings etc.

    Both are obtainable through jewellery alone, so you shouldn't be using Keen Etchings.
  • I see, that makes more sense. I'll stick to Energetic etchings then.
    Thanks for clearing that up for me.
  • HaloistHaloist ✭✭✭
    From personal experience, I've seen Haymaker NOT crit with +250 crit without triple crit glyph (before growing fury buffs and running with priest), so take any advice with a pinch of salt.
  • LesbianViLesbianVi ✭✭✭✭✭
    people gonna cry over this.

    But my build, double energetic etching gloves/weapon, Crit jewels: 3 new/2 resized old but I use power inner, I use crit glyphs for my main rotation skills. it doesn't matter if we got a priest and also I am fine being solo. That power inner helped my dps drastically.
  • stick with energetic etchings on brawler.

    as for jewellery, i personally run 3power/2crit jewellery (with a mystic, 3crit with priest). bosses (assuming you are referring to HH and VSHM) have obscene crit resist anyway so if it doesn't wanna crit, it just won't crit.
  • The crit cap for Brawler is Haymaker critical > 98% when you got this without 3x glyph you can apply power, "He Who Cannot Be Named" has a published theorycrafter about brawler class just googled and you'll find. Remember that haymaker is your second damage skill before Jackhammer if your rolls and glyphs were correct.
  • 3 crit / 2 power on jewellery switch it up if you're able to full power.

    Gloves / Weapon - Energetics

    Glove rolls - Power / Crit / Attack Speed

    Weapon - Varies from player to player : Dmg / Enrage Dmg / Attack Speed / CDR (in my opinion).
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