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Steam user: Validating 9GB Again and Again...

edited September 2017 in TERA PC - Bug Report
Hello, my English is not very good, so I apologize.

My problem is that a week ago I had to validate 9GB of Tera Online simply by reinstalling my graphic driver (New card). Today I did a defragmentation of the disk, pass cleaner and reinstall my graphics drivers and when I play Tera, again 9GB!

What can I do to avoid this problem? Not touching the Cleaner, Neither my NVIDIA driver and anything basic maintenance?

1. Open Tera on Steam
2. Launcher allows me to click the PLAY button
3. Nothing happens (Not even the client opens in the task manager)

What did I do?
1. Find error in the launcher, nothing, none.
2. Verify cache from steam (thing I did last time) and just the same: I ordered to download 9GB, as if for some reason that had erased that.

It's frustrating. I expect an answer.

My Tera Online today Gift:

event viewer error:

IGN: Miriciel/Mokalyn (Fey Forest Server)


  • Naru2008Naru2008 ✭✭✭✭
    Hey there Tirnidad, do you have the following Windows Updates installed?

    KB312587 and KB3126593

    Apparently these two updates are known to cause issues with KERNELBASE.dll crashing, which would cause this issue.

    Have you attempted to at least attempt to download the stand-alone version, rather than the Steam version to see if that fixes the issue?
  • TrinidadTrinidad ✭✭
    edited September 2017
    1. Well... Yesterday i get a BSOD (IRQL Something. Blue screen viewer say is because Kernel.dll...) i will try find that updates and... unistall?

    UPDATE: No, i dont have that updates installed.

    2. I try, but i dont want to re download 40gb! i have only 10mb internet speed... (= 7 hours to download)

    PD. Before this problem, i reinstall NVIDIA drivers (Clean Install).
    PD2. I can enter to play Via Game folder launcher, Via Steam the game take 7 minutes to up the Tera client exe.... :S
  • Naru2008Naru2008 ✭✭✭✭
    Hmm, I would heavily suggest sending in a ticket with all the information you shared here. EME would be better-able to assist you.
  • Yeah, i already post a ticket.

    Today i start my PC in Safe Mode + Net, and Tera online start with no problem, but i dont know how use this information to resolve my problem.

    1. Safe Mode = Some "No windows program" have conflict with Tera?
    2. Safe Mode = No NVIDIA Drivers = VGA Only = GPU problem or Driver problem?

    My GPU No Plz T_T!
  • Naru2008Naru2008 ✭✭✭✭
    It might be a bad driver version. I would try to find a previous version of the one you updated to, if it seems to be a driver-issue.
  • TrinidadTrinidad ✭✭
    edited September 2017
    I did a clean installation of Windows and install Tera and the drivers from my GPU and everything seems to have been fixed. Apparently there was a problem in the general registers of my PC that apart from not allowing Tera to open, it caused poor performance and BSOD (IRLQ, SYSTEM FORMAT, ETC). I'm still reviewing it to see if Tera works well (Updating), however I can say that before Tera I was well until I installed the:

    - Display Driver Unistaller (DDU)
    - DEFRAG (Piriform Disk Defragmenter)

    Keep updating: P

    UPDATE: Tera now work excelent.
  • I did the same, now the game is working again
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