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It used to be once or twice a day during rootstock, allowing the server to come together. Due to many people in one area, more money was able to be made off gambling and it was much more fun.
Now (it seems) bamarama just happens all throughout the day, with only a handful of people watching at a time.
It's better when things like this that do rely on a community to make it better happen at set times so people can plan doing their dailies etc around them. While I understand the benefit of doing it all day (people can drop in and out as they wish), it takes away from the community-based fun of the event, and it makes it quiet and not as enjoyable.


  • I noticed that myself. Honestly. In my humble Opinion I feel that it should be a once a year event surrounding let's say the anniversary of the game itself. Pitting not just a certain type of monsters like the same once we see but a chance to see more than what we have. We have this flaming horse from Liliths Keep and that wax spider that could be thrown into the mix among other Dungeons bosses. I think Dungeon Boss fights would be nice to see.
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