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Can we have these Victory Box system changed and bring back Store?



  • ChsaliaChsalia ✭✭
    edited October 2017
    Koikoi wrote: »
    FWC has always been the end-game place for large scale pvp. There is no reason why it should be equalized to begin with.

    There is CS for the new players as well as gridiron (Which should also be uneq but that's a different story)

    Actually there are several reasons why it should be EQ.
    • The +15 / top+9 BIS gear gap is greater than anything we've ever experienced in the past. Original +15 was unanimously agreed to be too excessive for PvP. This is worse.
    • There is no PvP gear route. We don't have Conj/SF/etc anymore. People are forced to PvE to gear up. And even when PvP does give mats, it's multiple times faster to get it from PvE.
    • PvP rewards are garbage. The gear gap is going to be more expensive than ever and here we are chipping away at it with RNG lootboxes dropping potions.
    • Pyres don't matter anymore. There is much more focus on kills now due to the point system, meaning you must fight and kill your opponents. In the past, the gear gap could be circumvented by back-capping pyres and so on.
    • Both CS and Grid are not satisfactory replacements. There's a reason why you don't consider them "end-game PvP".
    • The PvP playerbase is too small. We don't need to make it any smaller by restricting FW to only geared players. If PvP in tera was thriving and had thousands of players queueing FW everyday then sure. But right now it doesn't and if you kill it even more then FW might just stop popping altogether.
  • Elinu1Elinu1 Canada ✭✭✭✭
    I agree that pvp in this game might as well be dead.
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