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Any chance of Elite getting an update?



  • Oh, didn't know t9 players get that, just about to reach t6 myself.

    Can't think of any other good perks besides the 50% faster crafting speed that EU Tera Club member will get, seeing as how crafting will be more important now. Maybe more than 4 saved greetings? More friends list slots?
  • Elite used to get traveling bank. It was called travel insurance. You could summon schwab, and some others I don't think I ever used it once I had the travel journal, I still have over a hundred in my bank actually. Crystal Binds are kind of too easy to get to make it a worth while elite perk. Of course if that changes after the patch it would be good.

    We used to get costume and pet items. Mostly they were 1-7 day items so it didn't replace the store. But if iirc very rarely they were permanent.

    Its funny though I've actually been asking around what the point of elite is once your 65. I don't play for a long time so double dungeons doesn't help me much, maybe it would when/if I dungeon more. I don't even know what all the reset scrolls I have are for, but I cant trade or sell them.

    I like the idea of increased dailies. It would be nice to farm gold on one character instead of just having to log in another 65 to do the same dailies. I don't see how having 2x vanguards would be pay to win since its already available in game, just with multiple characters.

    The big downer for me with elite is the 1-7 alkahest, feedstock or whatever is worthless. At the end of the month its what maybe 100 feedstock or alkahest which is not helpful at all.

    The gold, vanguard and exp boost has been nice, although I don't know how that will play out after the patch.

    I agree elite should be QOL to keep it from pay to win, so maybe giving short duration costumes, pets, mounts or special "glows" with rare permanent items. Or maybe meaningful discounts in the store.

    This is just some of what I remember liking about the old loot boxes though, maybe a lot of people don't care about these things. I'm certainly not an elite level player so I don't know what's useful endgame.

  • StitchedSoulStitchedSoul ✭✭✭✭
    Well I agree that bank devaluing to t9 if elite will have but still would be nice.
    Ccb would be just great also!
  • perma gold boost and perma ccb would be neato to start
  • Somethings I'd like to see changed and added to elite are:
    • ◽ Double item XP from vanguard (XP that goes towards gear enchantment success) FK72AP3.jpg?1
    • ◽ Triple dungeon entries
    • ◽ Auto loot pet on elite bar
    • ◽Permanent Complete Crystalbind
    • ◽ Monthly Cosmetic gift box
  • MoeBunny wrote: »
    • ◽ Monthly Cosmetic gift box

    Unfortunately, that one is just way too difficult, from the experience last time (way, way too much drama). If they were going to do something like that, they'd have to do it a different way.
  • MoeBunny wrote: »
    Somethings I'd like to see changed and added to elite are:
    • ◽ Double item XP from vanguard (XP that goes towards gear enchantment success) FK72AP3.jpg?1
    • ◽ Triple dungeon entries
    • ◽ Auto loot pet on elite bar
    • ◽Permanent Complete Crystalbind
    • ◽ Monthly Cosmetic gift box

    That might not be too bad! Maybe 50% increased Gear exp while taking out things like gold boosts and the 15 daily emp would be a good start to balance things. Don't think it would be too p2w as its kinda similar to 100% rep boost.
  • aeee98aeee98 ✭✭✭✭
    edited October 2017
    1) 20% discount in pp for crafting on top of consumables. Crafting is going to be a major thing this patch, and having a 20% discount does give you a slight edge without hitting the breaking point of OP.

    2) Account titles and cosmetics based on how many months you have subscribed (for those who actually pay for the subscription instead of getting them from the broker).

    3) Traveller's Insurance in consumable gift box. Not a must have but possible perk.

    4) Double item XP.

    5) 1-2% additive bonus chance to upgrade.
  • LesbianViLesbianVi ✭✭✭✭✭
    Nibellung wrote: »
    perma CCB is a good idea for elite

    nope, CCB is already cheap af. and you can gain them even if you don't want too. But what about a big warning that says: it is over YOU DUMB, RE-USE IT lols :naughty:
  • seeing mixed opinions about perma ccb for elite. personally ya i think perma ccb would be nice. Yes, it's cheap, but it's a very nice convenience and there's the added perk of having no way to forget about ccb. it's a nice touch that's convenient, yet isn't necessarily p2w, nor does it throw things off balance and break the game. (seriously, anyone that [filtered] about perma ccb being p2w has to be joking given how cheap ccbs are)

    I personally feel these can be done to elite:

    1. perma ccb. it's a nice touch you can't really argue against.
    2. live chat support for elites, as there used to be. support ticket response times aren't a complete disaster now as they were at one point of time, but I feel that giving elite players back this perk would mean a lot. I wouldn't restore this functionality for tickets of all sorts, perhaps just for the very immediate stuff like technical issues that prevent players from playing/logging into the game, etc. i admit its a very ambitious one though.
    3. gear EXP boost, OR a new box that gives untradeable consumables (dyads, blue noct, etc.). Elite accounts have double green dailies, which is kind of obsolete right now because the green dailies are only done for achievements, and otherwise are of no relevance to current content. This is aimed at giving elite accounts that aren't doing legacy content for achievements some added value for current content.
    4. change the mount. this one's long overdue.
  • I think elite status is fine, just update the contents of the two daily boxes tbh
  • non crit passive dragon mount ^~^
  • KetothKetoth ✭✭✭✭
    Ccb is good, not game breaking.

    Gear ecp would be welcome. But something like 20%-50% more.

    What about add noctenius to elite? Maybe 1 30min -superior noc on consumables boxes OR perma normal noc ( pretty broken tbh)
  • Would be nice if they added a noctenium infusion box, perma ccb without the bubble effect, and added more slots to the travel journal. Also maybe allow us to list more than 5 pages on the broker per character.
  • KoikoiKoikoi ✭✭✭
    > @Karzoe said:
    > CCR5NWPMCD wrote: »
    > Maybe a permanent banker/trade broker hotkey. I don't use them much myself, but party members frequently asks if anyone has one on them, or if someone breaks a crystal, and I usually have to say, "They're in my bank. Sorry."
    > CCB will be practically free seeing that many will be doing IoD BAMS again. That is of course they don't remove CCB from their drop list.

    Permanent bankers are a perk for tera reward store tiers.

    If they start handing that out with like candy. What's the point of being a loyal emp purchaser?

    Do not do this.
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