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Priest and Mystic player with new gear system .. how it effect me



    edited October 2017
    DarkCroft wrote: »
    I agree as well, i main both healers, mystic has always been my preferred since beta though. I remember when a mystic literally could not get into a party, heck you rarely seen one back then since no one wanted ya around (kinda why i picked it lol). But now, i gave up gearing my priest and stuck with my mystic, as she is in +2 stormcry and my valk/brawler for IoD.

    ikr its hurts... I wanna play both heal in dg :( instead of farming bam too

    i would rather prefer last patch that even full guile healer can heal vsh ..
    not this hard of trying to get at the gear level require

    even my gear now could do all content but i think in the future new dg / higher gear ilvl it will be really pain for having 2 heals if they dont do anything about this system.

  • I farm IoD with my brother if im on my healer, and i help with his when he needs it, but as for soloing, ermm no ty, yes i know its feasible, but i would rather run a dungeon on my healers than solo IoD on them. And the 439 ilvl is stupid, heck my alts can run IoD, PoP and GG and i they dont even get credit for um, same with my brother, so there is no reasoning to have such a high ilvl on stuff like that, needs to be changed.
  • My initial reaction was to agree with you. However, gearing had been that easy because we got flooded with mats in the past. Should we really be able to gear all of our characters + alts in top gear within the first two weeks of a patch? Imo it got too ridiculously easy. Top gear didn't make you feel accomplished or proud.
    Frostmetal is easy enough to get which allows you to play all content I think (I might be wrong here so please correct me) and for the luxury of upgrading Stormcry you keep playing instead of afking in HW. You gotta work for it, you're busy for a little longer... I don't think it's actually a bad thing. But yeah, it does feel strange that the pace of gearing changed from one day to the next! x.x
  • I'm a forever priest main, and because of that I always have at least 1 geared dps as well.
    I do heal on both mystic and priest, but my system was always gear priest with BiS, and mystic in mid tier, since I never needed better gear to do anything, only item lvl to enter the hardest dungeon. (since I do most of my runs from lfg, is best to have one of each to be flexible and easilly accepted into runs quickly. And if we are having a hard time finding someone specific I can always switch characters for convenience)

    This patch I'm struggling a bit gearing alts. Is more of a mental struggle, since I don't have gold at all, I was the kind to farm mats to gear and spend gold on costumes, is the way I like it anyways. Having to spend gold on upgrading gear is a BIG nono for me. So coming into this patch, my priest had 3 peices of DW and 2 ambush since she didn't need more than that last patch, so I crafted the last two pieces of DW and +15ed it, just so I'd still have enough ilvl for when the new HM comes out, and I'd spend less gold that way. So I'm full +2 and really considering staying that way for the rest of the patch o_o!

    My mystic though, is the one is gonna take me a while to gear this time, since my mystic has always been in mid tier, I can get easily oneshoted if I lag and fail to dodge. So this time around I got tired of it so decided to also upgrade her to bis, and play her with high defense stats like my priest. I'm slowly crafting her dw to +15 it to turn into BIS +2 :c! Is gonna take a while but is honestly less mental struggle for me than to have to spend many thoudsands upgrading from mid tier.

    Also, double rolls are expensive, but if you only play healers you should invest in that. My priest has double rols for dps set on her gear, I'm not gonna say is enjoyable to do IOD as healer, because to me at least is not, but if you get dps rolls it gets the job done.

    Last patch I had 5 geared characters, this time around I'm dropping my second main dps and my main tank, they'll stay in what they have (ambush +15 or whatever it transforms to if I decide to do it) and serve as farming characters sadly :c! I just don't have the funds anymore to keep as many well geared alts *cries*

    So by the end of this, I'll have both healers and my sorcerer geared in stormcry (technically priest and sorc already are)
    I hope is enough, if I'm brave enough I'll slowly upgrade my dps weapon since, it makes sense to do more damage, it doesn't make much sense for healing honestly, not anymore, not at those costs :/!
  • StitchedSoulStitchedSoul ✭✭✭✭
    @kubitoid +1 they are easy and give a lot of mats really. I see them way more worth than running KC SF and RG.
  • i dont get it complaining about gear system, to me is very easy to gear up and balanced, just take it slowly, my main is a mystic and i do my work so easy on mid tier
  • TWMagimay wrote: »
    These complaints make no sense. Y'all claim you had multiple chars in good gear before the patch and now, suddenly, you can't have that. The only way that works is if before patch your "good gear" was misery/guile and now you want stormcry.

    This is the same feeling that i get.

    I am not sure if all the healers that posted realized but with this patch they do get free gear from Dougal which otherwise would have costed time and money to get while this gear can have perfect rolls which again could cost time and money then with little effort they can also get almost free etchings so again its a boost and if it was not enough they can also do the starting quests ( Kalivan/RG/SF ) on as many alts as they have at lvl 65 to get so many enchanting materials for the their main characters being able to reach Frostshard quite easily which in terms of comparation it was Misery more or less at the last patch with the difference that this time Frostshard can reach up to 100% enchanting rate and any player could eventually get Frostmetal which to be honest is quite great considering how easy is to get.

    And to get gear XP it is not as hard as it looks like because there are plenty of options to get it starting from doing Ace dungeons which are extremely easy up to semi afking with healers at Kalivan Dreadnaught or even doing Teraliths at IOD with the proper rolls.

    What really happens now ( if i am not wrong ) is that some players might have gotten used with the last patches believeing that it was easier but if they add up all the gold and time invested from that time to reach the same level of gear with the same type of rolls and etchings that we get now with the current gold and time invested then they might realize that right now it is so much better.. especially when you know that you are guaranteed to get Frostmetal and even go beyond...
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