[WIP] Arsenal Patch newbie gearing guide


It is about 60% done.

Things done: Recommended Rolls, Newbie Gearing Plan.

Things missing: Gear calculator, Recommended Glyphs, Full loot table for all content (with numbers).

Do share this with your newbie friends, and do tell me if there are things that need improvement.


  • LYC14LYC14 ✭✭✭
    1) Why do you suggest a full crit jewellery for Archers? I don't think Archers need so much crit factor to crit TB and RA.

    2) Maybe you can highlight which jewellery (ring, necklace or earring) players should use if they are going for old and new jewellery or crit and power new jewellery.
  • full crit archer?
    nice one
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