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Halloween Screenshot Contest



  • PuagPuag
    edited October 2017
    "A flufflerfly?!"
    Name : Fluff
    Server: Fey Forest
    Category: Funniest
    Image Link : https://imgur.com/7F2ysOp
  • SOrcR1K.jpg
    "A-are you sure this place isn't haunted?"

    Name: Momoe
    Server: Celestial Hills
    Category: Cutest
    Direct Link~ https://i.imgur.com/SOrcR1K.jpg
  • Name: Seanpie
    Server: Mount Tyrannas
    Category: Most Dramatic

  • nnpKcYs.png

    Name: Awk
    Server: Tempest Reach
    Category: Cutest
  • "Ooooooo~ Ghost Candy <3"
    Name: Kisa
    Server: Fey Forest
    Category: Cutest
  • edited October 2017
    Name: Kab (ex Bra)
    Server: Mount Tyrannas
    Category: Most Dramatic

  • bvgZH5d.jpg
    Name: Yankuna
    Server: Celestial Hills
    Category: Scariest
  • MayzeeMayzee ✭✭
    edited October 2017

    Alice in wonderland turned Madhatter just in time in the rabbit hole


    ♥Character: Mayzee
    ♥Server: Fey Forest
    ♥Category: Cutest

    Larger picture Link: https://ibb.co/mUitLm
  • tumblr_oyavow575A1rvwnfdo5_1280.jpg

    "Halloween time is the perfect season for hunting Vampirs at the Manor."

    Name: R.O
    Server: Celestial Hills
    Category: Most Halloweeny

    (good luck everyone!)
  • SoyKupoSoyKupo ✭✭✭

    I'm a bush. Fear me.

    Name: Kupo
    Server: Mount Tyrannas
    Category: Funniest
  • d6hvugh.png
    "Spirits of the Night"

    *Name: Booklover
    *Server: Celestial Hills
    *Categorie: Most Halloweeny

  • UpperDownUpperDown ✭✭✭
    edited October 2017
    Now, emerge from dark flames as I unleash the Gate of the Abyss upon this ripe time of Halloween, my minions! *rumble rumble*

    Name: Behemoth
    Server: Mount Tyrannas
    Category: Most Dramatic

    Blur and Flame effects are from the Valkyrie class skill "Ragnorak", and the black "costume" is created by the use of the item "Marrow Brooch".
  • TJukurenTJukuren ✭✭✭
    edited October 2017
    "It's time for your post-candy check-up"

    Name: Seritra
    Server: Tempest Reach
    Category: Cutest
  • RsJwv1j.jpg
    Name: Knock.Down
    Server: Fey Forest
    Category: Most Halloweeny
    Image Link: https://i.imgur.com/RsJwv1j.jpg
  • May i ask, how does the entry limit apply? One shot per character, per account or per player, including alt accounts?
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