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Tanks, please understand your role.



  • Unless the boss is one of the few highly mobile ones that likes to chase, positioning can be incredibly hard for any tank. I'd say 90% of the time I've tried to move a boss, it doesn't move at all. Just stands there stupidly not attacking anyone until agro fades. Then I shout and it does the same thing. Stands there getting hit while it's too far from me to hit me, but not chasing.

    What I do in that case (ie. most of the time) is just try to work the facing to give the best back time. Still, position is so absurdly frustrating that I really dislike playing my tanks. If stuff would just chase me, I'd like it a lot more.

    BTW, on the topic of needing more than agro, well, yes, but the other half is just keeping a steady facing. One of the most pleasurable tanks I grouped with recently was a Zerk. Why? He held agro and he held it still. That's about it. Far too many tanks like to dance around fiddling with position or altering facing every 10s. If you can hold it steady, dps can unload on it for the duration.

    Oh, and too bad there aren't macros for adding a party-shout to infuriate; eg. "/p enraging boss, go wild dps!"
  • I can agree to the chasing TR last boss Is a feckin idiet dood reminds me of a midget psycho from borderlands
  • TR last boss is also the least mobile boss since FI, you try to move him and he just says 'Nah, Imma stay here'
  • AftermathrarAftermathrar ✭✭
    edited October 2017
    How to move the TR last boss: https://gfycat.com/gifs/detail/QuickMeaslyEel

    The cutscene trigger is before it actually starts playing, so you can stop early, let it play, then move in and out of the boss' aggro radius quickly enough that it won't attack before moving. If you aggro shout as Brawler, you can move it even if people attack afterward. In this party people let me move it so it wasn't necessary.

    Same thing works on second boss, just move into his range, then run where you want to tank him and it's easy from there. If you need to move him mid-fight, there are specific attacks where you can pull him afterward, similar to how you could pull VSHM Lakan without a laser after specific attacks.

    Vanellope, I've met a lot of Lancers that play more selfishly than my Brawler, it's more about the people playing the class than the class itself. When the boss rotates with secondary aggro, all of the dps should be rotating to the back to maintain their backtime, so the tank just has to move to the new front of the boss so that it doesn't rotate back again and make the dps move again.

    @Bjond, if you complain about a tank chasing the front of the boss, you should work on maximizing your backtime, you'll come to appreciate tanks that don't stay in one spot. Also, how to move the boss comes with experience, some move easily after any combo chain, but others like the TR bosses are trickier.

    It can be vital to move the TR bosses because there are so many extra hittable objects that spawn in (trees, crystals, laser pylon, gates), splitting damage on every attack.
  • @Bjond, if you complain about a tank chasing the front of the boss, you should work on maximizing your backtime, you'll come to appreciate tanks that don't stay in one spot.

    The tank moving to front when boss turns by itself is good. How I do it on tank is watch where the deeps are and try to make sure they don't have to move to get the back. There are always some that don't bother finding the back, but the melee are usually really good about it.

    What I meant were those tanks (mostly -- all? -- brawlers) that seem to be circling the boss for some reason. I have a brawler, lance, and war for tanking and I've never felt the need to circle or jump around changing facing on any of them, so I don't know why they're doing it. Maybe agro is flipping and they're chasing front instead of shouting? 'Dunno. It's aggravating on dps.

    There always seems to be at least one huge dps in group (and my tanks aren't crazy-geared). So, I'll typically shout a TON until I'm very very sure the spotlight is all mine.
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    How dare you ridicule my "double CDR roll on weapon with tier 4 energetics on weapon and gloves and chest rolled to shout cd reduction so I can shout mean things at the boss every 7s" play style.
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    How to move the TR last boss: https://gfycat.com/gifs/detail/QuickMeaslyEel

    TR Gaaruksalk will most likely to back kick after every random aggro. It is annoying to see DPSs have to move to the back second time because tank was lazy to move to the new front, then they get kicked (knock back).
  • If your having trouble with the last boss of Tr being 'mobile' your doing something severely wrong.
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