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The Never Ending Story



  • Sister Poppy looked at her mystic brother and said what's wrong? He stuttered and said "I've lost some of my magic!" Then screamed "Nooooo! My thrall is gone I can't summon him." Angrily, he shouted "Where is that cat I will strangle him" Sister laid her hand on his shoulder and looked at her archer brother and asked, "are you ok? He replied "oooh! I have something new for my bow. Something very nice indeed. Rain of Arrows and Thunderbolt" Sister shook her head and explained "something has changed in the dream something that affects everyone"
  • alone walked in a hulking female Amani with her axe and in one of her hands she held the head of Samael the traitor
  • The sushi cat appears again and teleport everyone to IoD, where the angry god was waiting for them because castanic was still holding the half-eaten cheeseburger.
  • little does everyone know the Amani is a goddess in disguise the goddess shara who awakens to see what their world has become only to be met with great sorrow to see it in ruins after the argon invasion
  • Shandra gets reborn only to be smited by the angry god and Shara and getting samuel's head thrown at her again. She died again.
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