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Hello All,

I'm looking for creative, fun, or insanely good ways to earn gold at level 65.

Pay to Win: I like to support Tera, but I am not a fan of P2W beyond having Elite status.
Brokerage = not really fun.
Trade chat: Can be fun, but mostly just spam.
IoD = Fun, but repetitive and not really sufficient gold rewards to enchant gear at a once you reach Stormcry.
Instances: Very fun, but gold rewards are low compared to time invested to either IM or LFG and then complete the instance.
Other: Please give me your suggestions.

My personal issue is that once I reached Stormcry I have excessive amount of EXP and soul bound enchanting materials, but never enough gold for the Golden Plates and Emeralds. At present I craft Emeralds and broker them for more than the crafting cost and buy golden plates as cheap as I can and post them on the broker for a while until I decided I'm ready for another Enchanting attempt.

FYI: I returned to Tera about 5 days before Arsenal Update.



  • You should feel really lucky and satisfied with reaching Stormcry, don't worry yourself about upgrading it any more for now at least, and for the rest 4 months from now, until the new vm comes out or something.

    As of now, with the new patch, the game finally became a real gold sinking, just keep doing dungeons, the easiest ones, for fast gold of 600g, I have twisthard/frostmetal barely on my gear, and I just try to spam things up on dungeon runs, 600g and 700g, getting all the stuff I can get, and of course, doing IODs repeatedly.

    Right now, there's still the Kyra event active, and what I personally do, is going to IOD, killing BAMs up to Fimbrilisks, getting the catas, and then going for either Teraliths to get the shards and keep saving for etchings or simply going back to kill Basilisks near at the camp.

    With one char you can fully farm basilisks for like 100+ Golden Talents, I did this for like 4 days now and I already have more than 1400+ Golden Talents, good news? I can sell those 27 each for like 37.800 Gold, and that's still nothing, compared to 75 Silver Talents, which I can sell for 125 per each, which roughly is 9.525 Gold on broker, IF my maths are not failing right now.

    Point is, in like 4 days of farming/doing dungeons and not spending on bs things for overpriced greedy stuff, with like 2-3 characters, I can get like

    47.325 Gold

    ^This, totally EXCLUDING the barely dungeon effort reward gold of at least 2k per char. Also, EXCLUDING the kyra event rewards which most of the times are hats or any other bs which players like to buy off from broker for reasons.

    3 chars = 2k gold per day, roughly speaking which is = 6.000 Gold in one day 100% - assuming you have people to run stuff with

    So, 47.325 + 6.000 = 53.325 Gold.

    In 4 days of playing, ok, 6 days if you're too lazy or smth happens, you can have at LEAST 50k gold in your pocket, which, isn't bad at all.

    You have stormcry, you're plenty more powerful geared up and statistically at least than any other player which has lower gear than you, if your goal is to have fun and gold at the same time, find and make a schedule with active players, guilds or whatnot, play, do stuff together, speak with them at discord or something, communication, music, w/e is always a good change of pace to spice things up and make your life better and easier while farming for gold on a video game.

    Also, you already are selling emeralds and stuff, right? You should be filthy rich in no time with your tactic+mine, or at least mine SHOULD be helpful to you or someone else in need. These calculations are what I did on my own these last 2 weeks I came back to the game and my main play right now is at CH server, kinda better people there and more players.

    That's all, hopefully I have given you an answer to that.
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