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Lost characters from 2015

Hey guys so basically I used to play Tera back in 2015. I clearly remember leveling up one character but not known what it's name was. I must of got it over level 40 because I made an Elin reaper and I maxed her level (Also don't remember it's name). I payed money for the game and everything but I quit the game.
Now 2 years down the line I want to get back to the game, I download the gameforge client and I log in not remembering what server I was in or what my characters are called and I logged into every server thinking I will find my characters but I didn't. Then I go over to my emails to look for some clues to what's happened and I saw that I had used the other client (Enmasse) so I delete the game and download it again and I still can't find my characters.

Now I'm in the UK and I was playing on the US servers back in them days. Could that be the issue? I can still log into the Enmasse client it's just that there are no characters on there. I sent a ticket to support and they said they can't help me and stuff but I really want my character back cuz I paid money for my character and I really want to get back to the game. My steam also says that I have like 300 hours on the game I just don't understand. Btw I can't download the Enmasse client through steam as I'm in the UK and it's only for US users but I'm still able to log into the Enmasse client. Please help guys! Thanks!


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    Most likely you have a second EME account at a different email address and that's where your characters are. There haven't been any actions take to delete any old characters -- at worst they might have lost their names. So they're probably somewhere... it's just a matter of finding what account they're under.
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    Yep what counterpoint said. EME doesn't delete characters, just reset names which happened once. You probably have it in another e-mail and account. Try to remember, I know 2 years+ can have you with a fuzzy memory but take your time to remember!
  • Thanks for the replies guys but I'm sure this is the account as I still have the emails from buying EMP with my steam wallet money and that's the only tera account I've ever had and played on. Any other suggestions?
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    If you played through Steam sometime after June 11th 2015, then there is a very high likelihood that your Game Account is actually still tied to the European Servers, as explained in the News Post we had made here : ( http://tera.enmasse.com/news/posts/important-news-for-europe-and-russia )

    You may want to try contacting Gameforge's Support here : ( http://support.tera-europe.com/ ) and provide them with any additional details you can remember, such as a Character's Name / Server Name, or any Invoice / Transaction ID's from a purchase.

    ( Edit : If you did play before June 11th 2015, please re-open your Ticket and ask for it to be escalated over to me. )
  • My characters were on the US servers and I played Tera through Enmasse Steam as my Tera emails have all been sent by Enmasse and when I log into my Steam and click on view profile I have 2 Teras there, one says Last played 23rd of October (this year) and I have 0.5 hours played on it and the other says Last played 23rd June 2015 and I have 189 hours on it. It's super weird. I just really want my character back but I cannot remember what server it was or what it was caller. :(
  • Oh alright, please feel free to re-open your existing Ticket with out Support, and ask the current Agent to escalate your Ticket over to me. ( Ryan "GM Cobaltdragon" ) and I'll be happy to review it, ask some additional questions, and help you track down what Account has those character, and the current Email tied to that EME Account.
  • Hey I have just done that, thanks a lot! I hope to speak to you soon!
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