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BuddyUp Codes Thread!



  • My character: Mogwei
    Server: Tempest Reach
    BuddyUp Code: Mogwei#4895
  • PhaszePhasze
    edited November 2017
    How to level to 65 quickly: at each 10 lvl up from 20 you will receive buddy up box, open it and there is an instant level scroll that give you 1 lvl up from 20-21, 30-31, etc.
    your level 1 buddy up code will have a 30-day 100% exp scroll, use it
    from 1-20: beginner/story quests
    20-60: vanguard dungeon matching at each gear level
    60-62: vanguard story gear 60
    62-65: sabex/marcelius dungeon


    When you start the game and enter my BuddyUp Code, both of us receive special benefits!

    My character: Panda.Phase
    Panda.Phase's Server: Ascension Valley

    BuddyUp Code: Panda.Phase#4413 (3/3 used)
    BuddyUp Code: Brawler.Phase#3290 (3/3 used)

    Download TERA from: http://TERA.enmasse.com/download
  • Fey Forrest


  • FerventIIFerventII
    edited November 2017
    Server: Celestial Hills

    BuddyUp Code: Kunoichiaku#6614 (0 uses left)
    BuddyUp Code: Fervent#0382 (1 uses left)
    BuddyUp Code: Fervext#0277 (3 uses left)
    BuddyUp Code: Yasakui#1422 (2 uses left)
    BuddyUp Code: Slaan#8466 (0 uses left)
  • Requesting a BuddyUp code for Fey Forest
  • edited November 2017
    Fresh codes down below:

    Tempest Reach:

    Celestial Hills:
  • Returning player starting fresh! Would love an AV buddyup code, I'll totally get to 65 ❤
  • Hi fellow gamers! I am a returning player who would loooooooove a BuddyUp Code!

  • I want to play TERA with you! Download the game at http://TERA.enmasse.com/download.

    When you start the game and enter my BuddyUp Code, both of us receive special benefits!

    My character: Ferrah.Raven
    Ferrah.Raven's Server: Tempest Reach
    BuddyUp Code: Ferrah.Raven#7789

    Download TERA from: http://TERA.enmasse.com/download
  • My character: Ry.Fen
    Ry.Fen's Server: Celestial Hills - Roleplay
    BuddyUp Code: Ry.Fen#5163

  • AdyneAdyne
    edited November 2017
    Celestial Hills (CH)

    Code: Vollane#4464

    If you need any help let me know or leave a message if I'm offline. ^-^
  • My character: Myster.A
    Fey Forest
    BuddyUp Code: Myster.A#7383
  • Tempest Reach BuddyUp Code




  • Me and a friend are looking for buddy up code for Ascension Valley
  • edited November 2017
    When you start the game and enter my BuddyUp Code, both of us receive special benefits!

    My character: Oneyouneed
    Oneyouneed's Server: (EN) - Mystel
    BuddyUp Code: Oneyouneed#9582 1/3

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