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November Battleground Rewards

edited November 2017 in PvP Discussion
With the new Nov. Battleground rewards we would like to ask that there is a reconsideration when it comes to the rewards.

Review below post which does an amazing job breaking down the reasons and the suggested rewards. Thanks @Koikoi

Thanks and I appreciate your time in reading this. :^)


  • KoikoiKoikoi ✭✭✭
    My man, You need to give them something to work with!

    Reposted: https://forums.enmasse.com/tera/discussion/18707/november-battleground-calendar/p1

    On a serious note:

    Where is the way in this game, that a mostly PvP based individual may earn essences, gold and various other enchanting mats?

    Iv opened over 500 battleground chests this patch. Iv recieved ONE essence.

    For the sake of keeping this simple, let's say it's a 100% win rate. Ha!

    500 chests ÷ 6 chests per win = 83 battleground matches.

    83 matches x 15 minutes each (they can go to 20+ minutes) = 1245 minutes or 21 hours.

    21 hours. Yes Twenty One Hours. This doesn't include the oh so patiently waiting in que time either!!
    21 hours = 1 Essence.

    I could go on how horrendous the actual box drops are too, but I wanted to focus on that one point, and I know eme has no way to fix those.

    However eme does control the jackpots, and can improve our gaming experience with those.

    After seeing the new calendar and EME clearly not knowing what were lacking or needing is very disheartening.

    At this point I feel like either EME does not care to the point they're going to throw us 15gold as a "victory jackpot" and it really feels like you're trying to kill whatever is left of the very small PvP community.

    This patch had so much potential to bring back old PvP players that left due to the disgusting +15 system. The opportunity has been squandered.

    What we need IMO as jackpots are the following:


    Metamorphic tokens
    Gold talents
    Silver talents
    (And other enchanting mats)

    EnmassEntertainment. Your PvP community is so small a community discord had to be made to make battlegrounds force pop.


    For the love of PvP.
    Can you listen to us?
  • I'd like to chip in that I've opened over 1,300 FWC/CS boxes now and have gotten zero Elemental Essences. I've got a win ratio of basically 75% and join almost every in progress game I come across for the chance of at least 1 more box. It's apparent to me that it's not viable to fully enchant your gear doing BGs, unless you're at it for years. Even if you're as lucky as Abdoh. Because one enchant takes multiple essences and most people don't do BGs near as much as we do. You need at least 28 Elemental Essences and that's presuming you have 100% enchant success(lul)

    I agree with Koi's list but honestly I don't think emeralds need to be in there. They're worth very little since you need so many, and you need plenty of diamonds as well. Diamonds frequently being a reward could let you sell them to buy emeralds if you needed them.
    Dont even need the rare you posted.
  • KoikoiKoikoi ✭✭✭
    A few days til this goes live and no response.

    Why do I bother.
  • As far as I understand things as of now, the EME team is still gathering data on drops, items, item exp, battleground and so forth since the patch revamped all the gear and mats needed for the upgrade.
    Stormcry will be here for at least several months, again my presumption and getting gear to +6/7 is what should do now it's more than enough to run all the available content, until further updates to dungeons and drops will be applied, wait for them to balance things out, we always get the materials, just the idea of getting everything at once is out of place.
  • KoikoiKoikoi ✭✭✭
    edited November 2017
    The players know what we need and I understand the GMs of EME do not because they do not spend enough time in game.
    They made the player council for that exact reason... or so I thought.

    As of right now, PC has no use besides to come into the forums and welcome new members and tell the "old salty players" to shut up and put up.

    We're playing Tera to progress. PvP players want to progress at the same rate as PvE players. We cannot when we're being awarded 15g on rng wins in battleground matches.

    There's no other way to put it simpler than that.
  • Khatarsis wrote: »
    As far as I understand things as of now, the EME team is still gathering data on drops, items, item exp, battleground and so forth since the patch revamped all the gear and mats needed for the upgrade.

    This is just an excuse. There's hardly any data gathering necessary.

    They already have all drop rates and values at their fingertips. Therefore, they can easily figure out expected drop rates of each item per hour at 50% win rates. The only piece of data they might need to gather is average game length, which only requires sampling a few days at most.

    It's the same old shtick as always. People start getting rowdy and voicing some concerns, EME reassures everyone they're "looking into it" and promptly sweep PvP under the rug.
  • 378 FWC matches this past 28 days, 276 of them were wins, and I got 0 Elemental Essences. I highly doubt anyone does more FWC than me so it's utterly disheartening that even if you play as much as me, you won't cap out your gear in any reasonable amount of time. This simply isn't viable farming since it's not just one essence I'm looking for, I need 3 just for an ATTEMPT. I know I've been unlucky but it's not worth playing the game with chances being this low. I can't progress my main so I may as well forget about my alts.
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