Now, hear me out (TR Weekend Event)

So after multiple failed runs in TR, both Instance Matching and LFG, the lack of chat is killing my runs. Don't know about the rest of you, and as someone who usually complains about people wanting compensation, I know I sound hypocritical, but hear me out.

This may just be me. Some of you might not have this issue, but when people aren't doing what they're supposed to do (either out of ignorance, or out of idiocy) you can't really explain to them what they're supposed to do with chat disabled due to the pending threat of exploitation.

Twice in a row as a DPS, and probably doing the most damage, I DC'd after we wiped because the Mystic kept putting the puddles RIGHT UNDER the stasis chambers. When I reconnected, they had kicked me. A second instance before that, I had a brawler putting the puddles, again, RIGHT UNDER the stasis chambers. Both times, no way to tell them how to do it correctly, even with Personalized Greetings, which yes, I did stop to even edit the damn thing to include it. Chances of them seeing greetings during runs are slim to none.

I also couldn't tell people to kick said players so we could have a successful run, or to disband. The one run I was kicked, they probably ended up trying again, Mystic screwed them over, and they continued to try and try again.

What I propose is, depending on how long it takes BHS to apply a fix, could we extend the event to maybe Monday or Tuesday, instead of just the weekend? (or further if necessary). I probably am alone in this, but multiple runs in a row ruined by ignorance and you can't sit there and explain mechanics to new people, and you struggle to complete a successful run? Kinda makes you a little po'd.

Before anyone tries to say things like 'That's what your guild mates are for!' or 'Get gud', first of all, not everyone's guild mates are either A.) Free, B.) Of that level, or C.) Any good at running said dungeon (or any dungeon for that matter). As for the impending 'get gud' I do the most damage as Archer out of 8/10 of my dungeon runs (or so I'm told) and I am always stealing aggro from the tanks, even if just for a short time, or for a completely long period of time. So I am good. No amount of skill can actually make up for stupidity or ignorance.

I want everyone's thought on this. Yay? Nay? Am I just turning into one of those "COMPENSATION" cry babies? Lemme know.

EDIT: At the very least cancel this event, and post-pone until the dust settles and re-run it when people aren't having completely crappy runs.


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    This situation we are facing atm is really weird and dangerous. If not for all of us, at least for many of us.

    You are right to feel frustrated (we all are after-all).

    But my opinion is that it's better to protect the whole playerbase accounts, than participating and clearing a RAID and an Instance, with the danger of losing much more than a wiped RAID or instance, because chat was enabled and we were all vulnerable.

    A further extension of the event isn't a bad idea. I suppose we'll have it
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    I mean don't get me wrong, I completely understand and I agree with EME's decision, while everyone else here is complaining about it. I think it's a step in the right direction, and player security and privacy is priority number one, but when the dust settles though, I feel we should look back and visit this because what else is there to do for those of us who want to play, now that the chances of being hit by this is extremely low?

    At the very least, cancel the event and post-pone until this issue is fixed.
  • Atm i just do the dailies. Can't do anything else. I don't even try to queue for anything, because i'll lose my time (it will result in wipe). For the same reasons u stated above.

    And i totally agree with the extension of the event
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    ElinUsagi wrote: »
    pikpatsou wrote: »
    Atm i just do the dailies. Can't do anything else. I don't even try to queue for anything, because i'll lose my time (it will result in wipe). For the same reasons u stated above.

    And i totally agree with the extension of the event

    That's pretty much bad luck.

    I have guild mates doing 4 star dungeons by Instance Matching and they have the same problems as always.

    Only one was caught in a RK-9 run that last 1 hour but that is something that may happen in a IM even with all chats active. Haven't you been with people that have no idea what the mechs are in that dungeon and they don't speak your language?

    Ofc i have been with ppl who didn't know mechs or even didn't understand english. What i stated above, is that if the chances of wiping with chat active are 50%, the chances of wiping without communication is much more (60,70,80,90,100%). So i don't even try to queue for anything, since the situation is against us.

    I am not "elitist" to blaim or underestimate other ppl in instances.
    The reason i don't queue is that i am not the perfect one who will help others at 100%. I am among those who may need advice and the others won't be able to guide me (where to position for example during a specific situation)).

    So, to me it is a waste of time. There will be No full co-operation (advice and guide each other)

    Edit: My syntax rules. Hope u understood what i mean

  • Well currently TR runs are not dropping for everyone, I've had 2 runs and no one in either party got anything. So even the event seems broken.

  • the fault lies with people who do not like to read guides or watch videos.

    EME is also to blame
    for not knowing how to balance dungeon of agreement set gear

    should incorporate more restricted item level

    more have all echintg in the 4 pieces gear required.


    trmn = set full frostmetal +0 more full echintg II or III

    kr9 = set full stormcry +0 more full echintg III or IV

    publish guides and dungeon videos
    of each class.

    awards spend time doing well-explained guides

    for god make events have better reward worth pity enter and say
    [filtered] this event I like to farm
  • The event already goes until Tuesday at maintenance.

    But it's utter garbage so I couldn't care less if they took it away now.
  • Given the state of the game right now and the fact that chat is disabled, it's not exactly an ideal time to be running this event. At the same time, it doesn't hurt to keep the event running in it's current form throughout this weekend for those that wish to participate.

    Given the circumstances, I want to provide the community some reassurance that we will run this event again in the very near future with some tweaks to make it more rewarding based on the feedback we've received.
  • Thank you Denommenator, thats good to hear. I'm glad we will get a better chance at this.
  • I guess for an event like this lfg's are dead right why are you queing in the first place leave that for new players.
    are you in a guild? I guess not if you were your guild would have discord to communicate well .
    There are many new players and you also know that 95% of the time you que there will be trapsters. I agree with what eme did quick fix response until a perfect fix is available. keep queing cause i guess some people don't understand how valuable a guild is in tera i'll just say that the new guild buffs system gives your class a boost increased hp etc think about that there's also more.
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    Used lfg. 4 runs no troubles. Same was for some guild mates. Yes no chat awful but not so horrific bad. Im d be worse ofc. In general if you don't use Im its ok.
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