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Fresh 65. How much grinding of easy content before there's a challenge?

Posted this in the new player forum. Better suited for here I think.

Returning player, just hit cap on a new character. I really came back for the PvP (which has seemed super dead based on my queue times), but it's looking like a 5-man static is my best bet for consistent fun.

I remember doing ACHM back in the day with a static and enjoying the challenge. How far away is relieving that experience? Farming BAMs in IoD, doing story, and 65-starter dungeons is a snorefest. Do I need to do weeks of mindnumbing kmmo grinding do I have to do before I can have fun? I prefer to spend no more than a night or two on a dungeon once it's on farm. I much prefer the progression/challenge.

(Speaking of which, if anyone else is in a similar boat, I play EST evenings on MT. Archer, but could easily get any other class/role up in less than a week for the right group.)


  • Depends what you consider challenging.
    To reach 3-star dungeons - +0 Twistshard = a few hours if you aren't trap: complete lvl 65 questline that grants enchanting mats, then spam some low tier IoD BAMs for golden talents.
    To reach 4-star dungeons - +0 Frostmetal, may take a few weeks actually if you start from scratch with no alts. Depends on class: brawler can solo smash IoD BAMs in seconds, priest/mystic need to find a good DPS party (guild or static) because PUGs often take forever to clear.

    Not sure how Tera was during ACHM patch, but comparing to like 1-2 years ago, you need to subtract 1 star from dungeon difficulty. Which means despite having actual mechs, 3-star dungeons now have almost no oneshots and you can ignore everything as long as your healer is decent. So you may need to get to Frostmetal (4-star) to get some fun.
  • If you are a new player then yes you might need a lot of farming to get above Twistshard. The simple fact is that enchanting now requires a gold cost for which there is no circumvention. If you have no alts and you have no seed money the gold farming alone will be a major hurdle. Getting to full +0 Twistshard (including Bellum accessories) will cost you just shy of 25K gold not counting any mats you will need to perform those enchants. I'm not sure how fast you farm but even with 7 max level alts I would need to farm a week to earn that money without using the Broker.

    My recommendation to you is to run dungeons and do the daily quests to get enough money to earn more (if you don't already have a lot of gold). If you have a lot of old tokens and alkhests (not sure when you stopped playing) you may even be able to buy Misery gear and just upgrade it to +12 to circumvent the 25K gold cost.
  • from my experience, stupid amounts of farming are in order.

    I managed to get frostmetal on my lancer and was finally able to farm "top" bams in IoD. BUT! Once you get frostmetal, you also need to shell out even more gold to get emeralds to enchant EACH piece of gear, and it's not only 1 or 2. You need 3 to 5 emeralds PER piece of gear. THAT is beyond moronic.

    Also, the accessories are difficult to upgrade, even with full item exp. as it has almost zero impact on the success % ... so... if your luck sucks, you may end up using all the mats and gold and with the old set still.

    These two points almost drove me insane. So, I am taking a break from the game. The idea behind the gear progression was ok, I guess. The execution is beyond stupid. It feels like a chore to do anything in there... and why would I want to play at doing a chore?
  • I should have noted. This weekend is extraordinarily good for getting enough gold to get started. Simply run Ghiliglade, Pit, and Ace Dungeons on as many characters as you can. If you enjoy PvP you should also do Corsairs.
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