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Old Launch Player - Elite Status Question

Hi all!

I decided to come back and try the game again and since elite seems to be very nice for XP I tossed money at it. Problem is it still shows in my account management as "Upgrade to Elite" - http://imgur.com/f9dvG8A.

So I decided to try to pay again thinking perhaps I just didn't hit confirm. Well it showed up in my paypal it charged me but still doesn't seem to be working and displays as "upgrade to elite" as well as charged twice.

Not sure if it just takes a while to kick in and process?



  • Completely log out of the game and reload the launcher.
  • I've done all of that and it's been a little over an hour and still showing that I do not have elite. I just opened a ticket for being charged twice even though it said no refunds. Hopefully they see it was charged twice and issue one because not paying $30 for elite. >.>
  • Tenshi1Tenshi1 ✭✭✭✭
    If I remember correctly it could take a bit to kick it

    Hope everything works out :)
  • Thanks! I have a ticket in just in case. ^^
  • Did this ever get sorted for you? I'm experiencing the same exact problem now.
  • I see the problem. There isn't a way for players with multiple TERA game accounts to specify which game account they would like Elite applied to. When they sign up for Elite Status, the benefits do not get correctly applied. We are working on a fix for the problem, but it will be a while until it is fixed on our web site.

    Please make sure you contact support so they can get your Elite Status set up for you. I'll post an announcement to the forums when the multiple TERA accounts error is fixed.
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