Black Friday Pet/Mount Sale - High On The Hog box not discounted?

So looking at the Mount Lootboxes for today's sale. I noticed the High On The Hog lootbox isn't available for a discount. Is that an honest mistake or intentional? Honestly that was the only loot box I was interested in other than the Phoenix (which that box didn't get that big of a discount so I'm not even gonna bother). So I'm wondering why isn't the High On The Hog included in the Black Friday sale for today?


  • That looks like an oversight. I fixed it.
  • VunakVunak ✭✭✭

    Just a suggestion, but you may want to change the wording on the sales page to say:

    Up to 75% off xx and xx and up to 33% off loot boxes.

    The way it says it now makes it seem like there is a 33% off flat rate on loot boxes. Just a suggestion so there is no confusion when people go into the store and see that its also up to 33% off on loot boxes as well. Cheers.
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